Show Your Dominant You Are Truly Sorry

As a slave, you are going to make mistakes – whether you want to or not. Your Dom/me might do this on purpose to see if you are willing to keep trying or you might simply have troubles learning certain things your Dom/me asks of you. In either case, you need to be ready as a slave to show your Dominant that you are truly sorry for what you’ve done. This way, your Dominant will know that you are willing to keep trying and to keep learning in each session you share together. Dominants, deep down, realize that slaves are not going to be perfect (what fun would that be?), but those slaves who take the time to show they are truly sorry are the ones that Dominants want to keep training. Those who show no remorse are slaves who probably weren’t planning on learning at all.

What Was Your Mistake?

Before you can begin to make up for the mistake you’ve made, you need to make sure you understand what you’ve done wrong. If you’re in the midst of a session when you do something incorrectly, chances are high that your Dom/me is going to point out what you’ve done wrong and correct you. But there may be other times when your Dom/me expresses their displeasure and you may not know what you’ve done. While it might seem uncomfortable to ask your Dominant what you need to do differently in the future, you need to ask if you’re not sure. This will show your Dom/me you are willing to learn and that you are willing to do better the next time.

Are Apologies Enough?

The first reaction many slaves have is to apologize profusely when they have made a mistake. And while this is certainly something a Dominant appreciates, apologies are only words. You might start off by saying you are sorry for something that you’ve done, but then you need to correct your mistake. You need to work hard to realize why what you have done wrong is wrong so that you don’t ever make that mistake again. Got that? You need to stop for a moment, correct yourself and move on. Later on, you might want to sit down with your slave journal and try to find out why you made the mistake in the first place. This way, you can solidify the correct behavior in your mind for the next session.

Other Ways to Show You’ve Learned Your Lesson

Aside from apologizing and correcting your actions, you need to make sure you are attending to your Dom/me’s every need. While you might have been able to make minor mistakes, missteps become snowballs rolling down a hill, growing bigger and bigger when they aren’t stopped. You need to be just about perfect from the time of the mistake on. This way, you will show your Dominant that you are a good slave and someone to keep in training. Now is not the time to become wrapped up in the mindset that you can do nothing right. Now is the time to begin realizing that you need to be more focused on what you SHOULD do.

As a slave, you will make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. But your job as a slave for your Dom/me is to take the time to learn from these mistakes, apologize, and learn from each misstep you make. Because you are committed to your Dom/me, you already knew this was a part of the deal and you’re motivated to doing the right thing, right? If not, maybe it’s time to rethink your role as this Dominant’s slave.


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Master Bishop

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1 thought on “Show Your Dominant You Are Truly Sorry”

  1. I have to write an apology tonight for Sir…I messed up.ill share with you once I get your email as I haven’t written it yet. Basically he said I could talk to other men but I got caught up with one particular man that I thought would be able to give me the vanilla side Sir I didn’t think could give me plus all the kink of a D/s relationship. Sir was so mature and empathetic and told me to follow my heart. Before I let things go further I realized my mistake and have ask Sir to take me back since he said he may if things didn’t work out and he was available. He accepted my apology enough for me to feel like we can go back how things were…I realized how much the grass was already greener on my side than the other side so to speak…but first I must write an official apology and know that I will be held accountable. 1am and I’m still trying best way to write this….

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