Turning Your Closet into a Dungeon

Most BDSM couples just don’t have the space to add in a dungeon or they’re living in an apartment without another level. Though this might seem like you are limited in the way that you can enjoy your darker desires, this isn’t completely true. When you are limited in the space you have, you simply need to be more creative with using the area around you. This should begin with looking to the areas of your home which you already have – and then using them for a number of BDSM purposes. Your closet is the best place to start.

Cleaning Out the Closet

The first thing you need to do is to find a closet which is going to have just enough space for a slave. Ideally, this closet should be in the bedroom where you can easily access the space and even sleep in the bed while your slave is stuck in their small dungeon. Take everything that you can out of the closet and see what space you can utilize. Many of the larger items in your closet can probably be moved elsewhere in order to devote this space to the slave’s new abode. Try to make enough room for the slave to sit down or stand up without being too cramped, though a little bit of a tight fit will only add to their feelings of being trapped and isolated.

Some Additions to the Closet Space

Some Masters and Mistresses can afford to purchase a cage which can then be put into the closet. But if you can not or the space doesn’t seem to be big enough, you might want to look into attaching some strong hooks and eyelets to the wall. These will allow you to run rope and other binding materials through, keeping your slave in place until you are ready to handle them. You might also want to cover the walls with blankets or something soft so the slave doesn’t get too cold or they don’t rub against a rough wall – unless you want them to. In addition, including some other sex toys in the space will allow you to easily reach for the butt plugs, vibrators, and other accoutrements you might need. Having blindfolds, gags, ropes, and other equipment hanging on the wall also keeps things out of sight from others in the house.

What to Do with a Slave in the Closet

The most common activity for a slave in the closet is to simply be bound or locked up in the area in some way. For some Masters and Mistresses, this is a good way to train a disobedient slave while other owners might simply choose to keep their slave in there as often as possible – to remind them of their place. A slave can be bound up, gagged, and left in this dungeon for short periods of time (remember, it’s never a good idea to leave a trussed up person alone since bondage can go wrong and gags can become deadly). This will cause them to feel altered and to feel like they’re being forgotten by everyone else in the world but their owner. A small lock on the door can add to this excitement and isolation as well.

A slave changes when they know there is a small dungeon waiting for them. They begin to rely more heavily on their Master or Mistress as they know what they might face if they are not behaving well. This small dungeon also allows a BDSM couple to see whether a larger dungeon might be a good investment in the future.

>>Always remember never leave a bound person unattended.


Master Bishop


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3 thoughts on “Turning Your Closet into a Dungeon”

  1. I use closets quite a lot makes for a great spot to train a slave in het place. My slave looks forward to it as a place to reflect and get into her headspace

  2. While my partner & I had established “roles, etc” prior to receiving the e-mails, employment requires a great deal of travel, and with the promise of a role swap if one is a “good boy or girl”, it makes facing a flight of approx 6 hours a damn sight easier (even if getting sprung by air port carpark secuirty on return “at it”, earning a $200 fine ) but it was worth it 🙂 Keep them coming 🙂

  3. we turn a small storage room in to a play room buy using a futon as a bondage bed I made a small spanking bench and a small bondage cross that My wife can place a chair to sit on ( leg problems).

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