How to Be Nice and Mean at the Same Time

A Mistress’ work is never done and it can always be done better. And sometimes, it’s just plain exhausting to put on the mean Mistress face. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way. Perhaps you can channel a sweet Mistress, with a subtle tone of meanness. The meanest ones are always the ones that you don’t expect to be mean. After all, when you’re dripping with sweetness as you’re whipping the heck out of a slave, your slave will have no confusion as to who is in control of them in that moment.

Use Your Manners

One of the best ways to be sweet and nasty is to always use your best manners when handling a slave. Use words and phrases like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ since they will seem out of character for your role. A slave might be unnerved by the way that you ask them to do things, only making them more motivated to listen to what you have to say. And there’s nothing more intoxicating than a Mistress who is torturing a penis while talking sweetly to a slave. The paradox is complete and the slave is all the more frightful of what a Mistress might be like if she were to lose her control in the situation. Just that fear of what might happen is going to keep a slave obedient.

Keep Your Voice Low

Another great way to control a slave in a nice way is to keep your voice low. This will show the slave that you are in complete control of the situation, while also making sure they have to pay close attention to what you are saying to them. This is also a good way to ensure that you are able to feel in control of every situation, never giving too much energy or beginning to wear yourself out in any way. And you don’t have to change the way you’re speaking to do this, just make sure you are keeping your voice at a normal pitch and tone so as to show the slave that you’re not rattled by anything that’s happening and you’re not about to give away any indication of what you’re going to do to them.

Never Lose Your Cool

The goal of being a nice and nasty Mistress is to never lose your control of the situation. This will ensure that you are the one who is always the one in charge of the scene. Any changes in your tone or your demeanor will show the slave that you might have the chance of getting out of control – and that means the slave will not be under your control. So, you need to refrain from getting to a point where you will just be nasty for no reason. If you feel yourself getting to a point where you are truly angry in a scene or you feel that you are going to lose it, give the slave something to do (counting to a 100, for example) and then step back to breathe for a few minutes, out of earshot. This way, you can gather yourself and begin to step back into your Mistress role without upsetting the scene.

Being someone who seems nice on the outside is something you’ve probably already perfected. But if you’re new to being a Mistress, it’s a good idea to learn how to straddle these two worlds in a way that allows you to not only be controlling, but also completely calm and unpredictable. That’s going to make your slave especially submissive.


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