Choosing the Right Time to Collar Your Submissive

Your slave wants to be your slave. They want a sign that you are committing to them as much as they feel they are devoted to you. Collaring your slave has become a rite of passage in BDSM, and you might want to continue the tradition. But this process isn’t going to mean anything to a slave if they’re not truly ready to be a slave for you. You need to be responsible with handing out the collar, making sure that your slave is ready before you give out this honor.

Signs Your Slave is Ready

If you are already thinking about collaring your slave, it might be time to think about completing this process with them. However, there are other signs that your slave might be ready to take a new step with you.

* They are exceeding their training goals – If you have setup specific goals for your slave and they are meeting them and exceeding them, this is a sign they are ready for more.

* They are asking for more responsibility – When a slave specifically asks for more responsibility, this is a sign they want to do more than just come to sessions with you. They want something more long-term.

* They have done things that they thought they couldn’t do – If a slave has pushed themselves to places they didn’t think they could, this is a sign of their development as a slave. It is also a sign that they trust you as a Dominant and are now ready to listen to you even more.

You might also just have a feeling about a slave and that’s something to consider if the discussion of collaring comes up.

Why Collaring is Important

When you collar a slave, a number of things happen for the slave as well as for your relationship:

* The slave is more devoted – A slave that knows you want to work with them and train them as much as they want to be trained by you is a slave that will work harder and they will make sure they are pleasing you at all times.

* Training can be more intense – The training that you will do with a slave can become more intense as you now have a slave that has promised to be a slave for you and to be trained by you.

*The slave might sign a contract – Sometimes, a slave contract isn’t signed until a slave is collared, causing your relationship to be spelled out more specifically.

After a slave is collared, they tend to take their responsibilities more seriously. However, some slaves only work hard until they get the collar than they feel they have ‘made it’ and might need some reminders about their position.

Keeping Your Slave’s Commitment

Some slaves think the collaring is the end point of their training, but it’s really the beginning. You need to make it clear to your slave that when you collar them, this is only the starting point of their training. This is where they will prove to you that they are willing to do anything that you ask them to do. This is a point when they need to become even more focused in their training, not just more interested in being a slave and taking on that label. In fact, you might want to have a trial period with your slave to ensure they are ready for the next level of commitment in their training. If they pass this period, then you will collar them.

Not all slaves are as ready to be collared as they think they are.


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Master Bishop


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