Polishing Your Master’s Boots

Just the Way He Likes It

When your Master likes to have his boots nice and shiny, you need to learn the proper steps in order to make him smile. Boots are not just any other part of your Master’s wardrobe. These boots might be what you stare at for hours until he is convinced that you are worthy to look into his eyes. If your Master has talked to you about polishing his boots, this is an honor and a privilege. You will want to make sure that you perform this duty well and that you perform it regularly.

Clean the Boots

Before you begin to polish his boots, you need to make sure that you clean the boots of any dirt or debris. When they are leather, you will want to avoid getting too much water on the leather, lest you ruin its appearance. Instead, blot at any stains and use a special stain remover if there are stains you can’t seem to get out. Or you might want to surprise your Master by taking the boots to a special cleaner that can help you with difficult areas. Make sure that the bottoms of the boots are free from any dirt or debris as well. You can wash these down and take a toothpick or other implement to pull anything out of the treads.

Add Polish

Once the boots are free of any dirt, make sure to use an appropriate polish. You will want to choose your Master’s favorite, if he has one. If not, ask your Master what polish you should use. It will probably be one that is suited to the material and one that is the same color as the boots. Other Masters may simply prefer a clear coat, so it’s something that deserves to be asked before you end up with something that doesn’t work. Take the polish and smooth it over all of the exposed areas of the boot. This will help to protect the boot from further damage, while also providing a lovely shine to the boot. Try to avoid the areas where leather is not present since this might also stain these areas if they are a different color.

Buff and Shine

After the polish has sat on the leather surface for a little while, then you will get out the buffing and shining implements that are in the polishing kit, assuming you have one. If not, then you can take an old and soft rag to begin the process. Take the rage and move it quickly over the boots so that the excess polish is removed and the boots begin to shine. This process can take some time, so make sure that you’re not rushing. The more that you buff the area with the rag, the more they will shine. There are also electrical devices that can help you with this process, but they are not as effective as using your own hands with a rag.

Once the boots are polished and ready for your Master to wear, let him know by placing them at his feet and looking at them. If you did the polishing right, you will see your own reflection in them and you will see your Master’s happiness at the work you did as well. A Master might have you clean his boots as a part of a scene or in preparation of a scene, so ask him what he might prefer. This is an especially important question to ask if he only has one pair of boots. You will need to make sure they are always ready for your next encounter.

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Master Bishop

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