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Another term that pops up frequently in BDSM circles is the idea of a ‘switch.’ This is a person that identifies as both a dominant and a submissive, depending on who they are with or what they want to do at a particular time. So, for example, a person might bottom to one person one night and then ‘top’ to someone else on another night …

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Urolagnia or Urophilia is the sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the thought, sight, feel and/or smell of urine. As you can see from the technical descriptors there can be many different fetishes and activities associated within what is commonly referred to as “WaterSports” in BDSM circles. Some people who are into watersports are also intrigued by if not interested in urinating in front of others …

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BDSM Wax Play

Wax Play

Wax Play Commonly thought of as ‘edge play’ as it is somewhat dangerous and can have a higher risk of permanent injury is the use of wax on a submissive. Anything where flame is involved runs this kind of risk. As with most BDSM sexual play, the threat of torture and control, and domination is the primary aspect of the act – the hot wax …

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