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BDSM Protocols To Empower You


Protocols Protocols are sets of rules of conduct and/or a code of behavior that have been established for a Dominant/submissive relationship. By enforcing these rules, a Dominant can help a submissive to remember their position in the relationship and support the submissive’s needs and desires to be controlled. Again, just like rituals each Dominant/submissive relationship will have different protocols, which protocols you choose to incorporate …

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Stands for Risk-Aware Consensual Kink RACK is an ethical philosophy that serves as an alternative to SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual). Critics of SSC argue that the term is too vague to be of meaningful use for our purposes in BDSM, pointing out that very little of what we do in the lifestyle is actually ‘safe’ or entirely without risk. In truth, we can only operate …

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Submissive Rituals in BDSM


Rituals Rituals are a series of actions or behaviors that are performed repeatedly by a submissive. Rituals have been used throughout history and in modern psychology to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and produce a sense of gratitude and respect. Rituals are meant to make a submissive intentionally slow down and reconnect with their self and the magic that can be experienced in their chosen life. …

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Role-Play Role playing can be an amazing way to turn up the intensity of any sexual relationship, but even more so in a BDSM partnership. When you add the element of role playing, you can further create a sense of authority and control in a scene. But there are good ways to do this and bad ways to do this. Here is what you need …

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Safety Call

Safety Call There will be times when a slave is gagged or tied into a position where they may not be able to talk. Or the slave might begin to have a problem with their breathing and be unable to call out their safeword for help – what happens then? If you’re doing any form of bondage or scene that involves these possibilities, you need …

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BDSM Safewords What Are Yours


Safeword What most people recognize about safety is that you need to always be able to communicate, even when you’re in the midst of a heavy scene, filled with role playing, humiliation or playing on the edge of one’s limits. This is where the role of a safeword can come into play. Generally speaking, there are a few types of safewords that can be used …

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Leather Hood

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation The object of this kind of play is to remove any and all sense from the slave’s consciousness. Here is a basic setup of how you can accomplish this with bondage and other accessories: To remove sight – place on a blindfold To remove movement – bind the slave in a restrictive position To remove touch – bind the hands and fingers with …

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Stands for Safe Sane And Consensual It is the basis of what many people in the BDSM lifestyle believe is the cornerstone to creating an environment where all parties involved in a scene can safe, comfortable and happy. Lets breakdown each one: Safe You’re not going to do anything or participate in anything that might severely harm you or another person. If you believe that …

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Collaring A Female Slave


The dictionary definition of submission is the action of accepting and/or yielding to the will or authority of another person. A submissive is a person who accepts and finds joy in yielding to their Dominant’s will or authority. But even within that definition with the vast complexity of the human psyche and the there are a number of different types of submissives and way in …

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