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Consensual Non-Consent

Consensual Non-Consent Consensual Non-Consent is a form of BDSM incorporating extreme power exchange. The play mimics non-consensual behaviour, but takes place between consenting adults. What is Consensual Non-Consent (CNC)? CNC is best described as edge-play, perfect for kinksters who prefer their BDSM wild rather than mild. We’ll talk a little more about edge play later, let’s start with CNC. The “non-consensual” part relates to the …

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BDSM Contracts Live Your Life


BDSM Contracts A BDSM, Dominant/submissive or Master/Mistress-Slave Contract is a formal physical representation of the agreement about the type of relationship dynamic that will exist between two people. These BDSM Contracts are meant to: Define clear goals for the relationship Establish clear Rules, Boundaries (Limits), and Responsibilities Provide a document that can be referred to in the future Enhance the BDSM experience But Why Create …

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Is a discussion outside of the dungeon or play space a day or two after a session to go over the experiences both or all parties had during a training/play scene. A debriefing discussion can be highly beneficial to both the Dominant and the submissive. Be careful of having such an intense discussion too soon after a scene, people can still be overly excited from …

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Dominant/submissive Relationship (D/s)

The idea of a D/s relationship is generally referred to as a dominant and submissive relationship. This is where one person is dominated by another, whether physically, emotionally, and/or sexually. What you need to know about D/s is that it’s merely the idea that one person is calling the shots in a predefined and agreed upon way. This could mean that the Dominant has decision …

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Edge Play

Introducing Edge-Play Are you a fan of near-the-knuckle BDSM fun that sets your heart racing? If a mild spanking leaves you unfulfilled and fluffy handcuffs bore you rigid, you can take things up a notch with edge-play. What is Edge-Play? Described by some as risky, edge-play carries a level of danger, but it’s also stimulating and designed to thrill. Edge-play describes BDSM activities that are …

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An enema is the simple task of putting water up into the anus to clean out any remaining fecal matter in the bowel. Water is pushed up into the rectum and then as it mixes with the matter that is present, your body then flushes it out into the toilet for disposal. When people have severe problems with constipation, an enema might be administered to help relieve the discomfort and eliminate the blockage. While a medical solution to begin with for many people the act of the enema is a truly arousing and intoxicating fetish.

Golden Shower

Gold Shower A “Golden Shower” – refers to the act of being peed upon or peeing upon someone. It is a form of domination BDSM play that is mostly harmless albeit a little messy It is a type of Urophilia which is the sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the thought, sight, feel and/or smell of urine. Refer to Watersports for more information on this fetish

House Rules

A set of rules established for the Dominant and submissive that must be honored and obeyed at all times. Either a Dominant will have created these rules and teach a new submissive how to follow them to establish the kind of Dom/sub relationship they desire.  Or both the Dominant and submissive will work together to create these rules to establish the kind of Dom/sub relationship …

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Know Your Boundaries In BDSM


BDSM Limits The concept of limits in BDSM stems from the concept of placing things “off limits,” whereby individuals would set limits on specific activities and the limitations of activities with particular participants based on emotional and physical tolerances. Sharing one’s limits or negotiating with new people you are interested in playing with is essential before any play should ever begin. So when you start …

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Euphoric BDSM Mummification


Mummification, or total enclosure, is a type of bondage in which the submissive person is completely or partially wrapped in some type of material. While completely encased (cocooned) the individual will become completely immobilized and totally vulnerable to the Dominant. While Bondage restraints can be anything from rope, tape, cuffs, scarves, chain, – basically, anything you can use to restrain someone. In comparison with mummification, …

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