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Golden Shower

Gold Shower A “Golden Shower” – refers to the act of being peed upon or peeing upon someone. It is a form of domination BDSM play that is mostly harmless albeit a little messy It is a type of Urophilia which is the sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the thought, sight, feel and/or smell of …

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House Rules

A set of rules established for the Dominant and submissive that must be honored and obeyed at all times. Either a Dominant will have created these rules and teach a new submissive how to follow them to establish the kind of Dom/sub relationship they desire.  Or both the Dominant and submissive will work together to …

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Euphoric BDSM Mummification


Mummification, or total enclosure, is a type of bondage in which the submissive person is completely or partially wrapped in some type of material. While completely encased (cocooned) the individual will become completely immobilized and totally vulnerable to the Dominant. While Bondage restraints can be anything from rope, tape, cuffs, scarves, chain, – basically, anything …

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Negotiating In BDSM As with any successful relationship, you need to understand the expectations of everyone involved. This is especially important in the case of a relationship that will include the giving up of control of one to the other – negotiating what each individual wants and doesn’t want must be done first before jumping …

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BDSM Protocols To Empower You


Protocols Protocols are sets of rules of conduct and/or a code of behavior that have been established for a Dominant/submissive relationship. By enforcing these rules, a Dominant can help a submissive to remember their position in the relationship and support the submissive’s needs and desires to be controlled. Again, just like rituals each Dominant/submissive relationship …

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Submissive Rituals in BDSM


Rituals Rituals are a series of actions or behaviors that are performed repeatedly by a submissive. Rituals have been used throughout history and in modern psychology to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and produce a sense of gratitude and respect. Rituals are meant to make a submissive intentionally slow down and reconnect with their self and …

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BDSM Safewords What Are Yours


Safeword What most people recognize about safety is that you need to always be able to communicate, even when you’re in the midst of a heavy scene, filled with role playing, humiliation or playing on the edge of one’s limits. This is where the role of a safeword can come into play. Generally speaking, there …

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Stands for Safe Sane And Consensual It is the basis of what many people in the BDSM lifestyle believe is the cornerstone to creating an environment where all parties involved in a scene can safe, comfortable and happy. Lets breakdown each one: Safe You’re not going to do anything or participate in anything that might …

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Another term that pops up frequently in BDSM circles is the idea of a ‘switch.’ This is a person that identifies as both a dominant and a submissive, depending on who they are with or what they want to do at a particular time. So, for example, a person might bottom to one person one …

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BDSM WaterSports Golden Shower


Urolagnia or Urophilia is the sexual arousal and/or pleasure from the thought, sight, feel and/or smell of urine. As you can see from the technical descriptors there can be many different fetishes and activities associated within what is commonly referred to as “WaterSports” in BDSM circles. Some people who are into watersports are also intrigued …

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