Essential Questions for a Slave Interview

The slave interview: a time when slave relationships are begun or ended just as quickly. While some Masters and Mistresses would rather choose a person they’ve met through friends or through BDSM parties and events, deciding to see if they’re a good fit as the training continues, a long term and serious slave and Owner relationship begins with a serious interview. Just as with any job, a Master or a Mistress wants to know if the slave is up to the task and whether they will be a good fit for the intentions of the training, the kink of the Owner, and the overall idea of the slave training as the Master or Mistress defines it. While there are other questions a prospective Owner might like to ask, these are the three essential questions the slave must answer during an interview.

Why Do You Want to Be a Slave vs. a Traditional Partner?

If the slave hasn’t thought about why they want to be a slave, chances are good that they aren’t really sure what this means. Many would-be slaves think that being a slave means getting pleasured over and over again, with feeble cries of protest from time to time. This is not necessarily the relationship a slave should expect. What they can expect from most Masters and Mistresses are multiple opportunities to learn and to move past edges they thought they had already overcome. The slave will learn how to behave around the Master or Mistress as well as how to behave in public. The slave must also be ready to receive punishments for not doing well in a session and to receive additional training when it might not be convenient for them. It’s all a part of being a slave.

Do You Have Experience? Willingness to Learn?

Slaves who have experience being slaves are generally going to be more attractive to a Master or Mistress. Instead of having to direct a slave on how the process works, experience can do this for the slave. This saves the Master and Mistress time and effort. That said, every slave needs to start somewhere, so it might also be a good idea to choose a slave who is eager to learn how to fulfill their role. Though they might not know everything there is to know, this is also good practice for a Master or Mistress who wants to refine their training skills. Working with a new person helps the Owner to begin to see how their own training needs to improve.

Can You Listen and Follow Directions?

A slave needs to be willing to listen and to follow directions. Within a slave interview, a Master or Mistress can test this quality out, asking the slave to prepare something for the interview, wear something specific, etc. If a slave is not able or is not willing to be told what to do, chances are likely they aren’t going to be very good in the slave training environment. They will likely cause more problems than a Master or Mistress might like. At the same time, an interview is only one snapshot of what a slave might be like. So, if the slave has issues following directions during this session, it might just be nerves. A Master or Mistress will need to use their best judgment.

The slave interview is often skipped in favor of getting into the dungeon for the fun stuff. But when the Master or Mistress truly wants to dominate another, they need to know who this person is before they make the decision to train them.

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Master Bishop

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2 thoughts on “Essential Questions for a Slave Interview”

  1. Thank you so much for these tips and newsletters. I am always learning someting new, or being reminded of things i already know. I find these readings an essential part of my responsability as a Domme. I have never had any formal training as Domme, it seems to come naturally. I am finding these tips give me a better understanding of my subs mind, and how i can present myself as a confident Domme, looking and acting as such. These letters are my Domme Bible! Thank you !!

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