How to Serve Master at the End of His Long Day

Being a Master is hard work, but so might be the work he does outside of the dungeon. As the slave, it’s your duty to make sure your Master is always feeling worshiped and relaxed, even when his fatigue has nothing to do with your training. At the end of a long day, a Master wants to feel as though his slave is willing to please him in any way possible. Keeping his needs in mind will help you to not only be the best slave possible, but also to assure your Master you are submitting to him and to all of his needs – no matter what they might be.

What Does Master Want from You?

Many Masters have a clear idea as to what they want from their slaves when they walk in the door. You might, for example, have to present yourself in a certain position upon his arrival. But when your Master hasn’t been clear about what they expect from you, you might want to spend a little time talking with your Master about how you can best help him. Talk about the fact that you want to help him relax at the end of a long day and then ask if there is anything he might like you to do. If your Master hasn’t already thought of this, they might have to stop to consider what the perfect coming home task list might look like. But once you have this list in your hand, you will simply have to follow these guidelines.

Serving Master When You Don’t Want To

But the problem most slaves have in serving their Masters is a lack of motivation. Many times, the slave themselves might be tired and not in the mood to serve anyone else. So how does a slave persevere through these rough patches? First of all, it can help the slave to have a list of reasons why they do the things they do for their Master. Reading this list before you do anything for your Master will allow you to recall why you chose to be his slave in the first place. You should also remind yourself of all of the benefits of the relationship: what you’ve learned, what your Master provides to you, etc. And sometimes, none of the positive self talk will work for you, so you will simply need to put a smile on your face and be the slave you’ve promised to be.

Special Ways to Please Your Master

Being ready at the door with all your Master’s needs is the key to impressing him each and every day. Firstly, you need to make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for his arrival and then you need to make sure you are following any specific instructions he has given you. Outside of the things you MUST do, you might also want to add in some special touches. If you are tasked with rubbing his feet, make sure you always have his favorite lotion or oil on hand at all times. You might also want to clean up the home ahead of time to insure he is coming back to as peaceful a setting as possible. Some slaves also like to cook a small snack for their Masters upon their arrival, just in case they’re hungry – or they might have a beverage ready for their Master as well.

At the end of a long day, a Master just wants to be pampered and reminded that he is in charge of a person who is completely devoted to him. Taking the time to care of your Master assures him of your position and of his as well.


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Master Bishop

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3 thoughts on “How to Serve Master at the End of His Long Day”

  1. Master Bishop,
    Sir i wanted to tell You thank you for this addition. Your training has helped me so many ways!
    Please Sir don’t stop what Y/you all do!

  2. Thank you donsjem, W/we all work really hard on the site, so W/we always appreciate hearing when someone has found it helpful. Here is to your future training success.

  3. Thank you Sir, for taking the time to help those of us still in training to understand and appreciate the delicate balance between the Dom and the sub. I love sharing these with my Sir, it sparks some wonderful conversations and helps us define some of the places we need to talk about. I understand His needs much better, and my need to please Him feels much more natural now thanks to Your help.


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