New Slave? New Rules?

If you’re taking on a new slave, you might have a number of reasons for doing so. And even if you think the new slave is going to fulfill a purpose that the other did not, you need to consider your own training methods before you invite this slave into your life. While you might think that your own methods of slave training worked just fine, you might also be questioning whether you should change these methods since the last slave didn’t work out, for whatever reason. Right now, you should be thinking about whether you need new rules when you take on a new slave.

Sticking to the Old Rules

The case for sticking to the old rules is a strong one: it’s just easier to remember things you’ve done in the past. From this angle, you will also be able to see whether the rules you have are going to work for this new slave – and whether they need to change altogether. Though it may seem like rules could apply to anyone, you might be having troubles teaching these rules to your slave, which then will cause you to have troubles as a Master. At this point, if you decide to use the old rules and the old training ideas, you might want to find new ways of enforcing the rules so that your new slave will allow these rules to stick. Take some time to write down all of the rules you want your slave to follow and then make sure you have a clear set of training guidelines to use in order to teach and to enforce these rules.

Adding New Rules

At the same time, when you are releasing one slave, you might find that taking on new rules is the best way to start fresh. Many Dominants, and you might be one, find that starting completely from scratch not only helps them to build a better slave relationship, but it can also help them to refine their training skills. You don’t want to get stuck in a rut, after all. What you do want to do is to make sure that you are adding rules which are meant for a particular purpose. When you do this, you will allow yourself the opportunity to become more refined in your training as a Master/Mistress, while also helping to create a new slave experience for your slave.

Training Yourself as Well as Your Slave

The main argument against adding new rules to your slave training is that there will be a period of adjustment for you as the Dom/me. Not only are you teaching a new slave new rules, but you are also teaching yourself these rules. Though the rules might be necessary, remembering them may not come easy to you. You might find that your slave is able to pick up the rules more quickly than you are – which is not quite what you want when you are the one who’s supposed to be in charge. Instead, it might be a good idea to find ways to train yourself ahead of time when you are looking at training a new slave. Quiz yourself on the new rules so that you know them better than your slave. Or break down the training into smaller segments so that you can keep up with the new skills the slave needs to learn and so that you can appear to be in control at all times.

When you have a new slave, you will get a new opportunity to show your Dominant power. But when you add someone new to your slave training, you might also want to add some new rules to watch a new relationship emerge.

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Master Bishop

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2 thoughts on “New Slave? New Rules?”

  1. I believe that any M/s relationship is going to have rules and guidelines that are unique to that relationship alone. The sculpting process requires a measure of agility. The Dominant should allow him/herself the ability to adapt and customize an experience in a way that is going to be most beneficial to all parties involved.

  2. I have tried the origional rules to slave training, be on your knees when I get hme, sit on the floor next to me, ask permission to get up and do anything, etc. I think this time I’m going to try the me tenique. I want my slave to be thinking about me and what can he do to make me happy and I will be thinking about what will make him happy. Yes he will be in bondage which he perfers and he will be allowed to cum when I feel as though he has made me happy, and if that mean once a week or once every other week or so on, I will be treating my slave with respect, he will get massages, I will give him a bath, I will allow him to sit next to me and watch the telly, Now what he has to do for me, Make me breakfast and dinner, clean the house, orally please me, physically and mentally please me. He will have natural consequences, I will talk with him as to what didn’t please me and let him know that I was disappointed and that I know he will do better next time.
    Tell me what you think? am I right or wrong in this way of training?

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