How to Set Up a Medical Torture Scene

Torture is one word you can use with nearly any BDSM couple and see someone begin to squirm. But when you employ torture scenes that could actually be played out in real life, well, that’s all the better.

Medical torture scenes are one of the most common ways to subdue a slave and to give a Master or Mistress the ultimate power in a scene. By simply learning what makes these scenes so effective, you can play out these scenes in your own home or dungeon – and help make all of your BDSM fantasies come true.

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Why Medical Scenes are Hot

Many people have the fantasy of being in a position of not being able to defend themselves. Strapped down on a table, who knows what one’s oppressor might do? And in the world of medical care, there are a number of things which are used for actual medical purposes (i.e. restraints, stirrups, etc.) which can also be used in BDSM scenes.

For those Dominant partners out there, the kinds of equipment you can use to torture your slave is endless. The scenes you can create are limitless and they can be adjusted to seem like something new, no matter how many times you’ve played with your partner before.

Medical scenes have a degree of realism to them that other scenes do not, and just like good science fiction, we can become more affected by those events which might plausibly occur in our lives.

The Medical Equipment You Need

Of course, if you want to set up a proper medical torture scene, you need to have some basic equipment. Some BDSM partners will have the actual chairs from a dentist’s office or stirrups from an OB/GYN office, but these expensive pieces of equipment aren’t necessary. Having a sturdy chair in which you can strap a patient should be more than enough to begin the scene and set the stage for a fun session.

However, you will want to have things like: medical tape for bondage, needles if you’re interested in edge play (you must know how to safely use them first), instruments for humiliation (i.e. rectal thermometer), and perhaps even costumes for the person doing the torturing.

You might also want to include things like latex gloves and masks to help add to the aesthetics of the scene. You can even use things like tweezers and clamps on various body parts as well to help with ‘testing’ a slave. And while a vibrator might not seem like something you’d find in your doctor’s office, it can be used to ‘test’ a patient’s response in this special scene.

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Setting the Mood in Your Scene

The mood of the medical scene begins with the way the room is set up. Having a central area where the patient will be placed is always helpful. Strapping them down helps encourage their helplessness, but having a sort of role playing introduction helps too. Having the slave come into the room as though they were innocent and unsure of what was about to happen and then ‘trick’ them into getting into the chair or table where they will be restrained. Medical sounds like beeping also help to make the area seem like a hospital setting, just throw a blindfold on the patient and they’ll forget where they area. You will also want to speak in medical terms, referring to the slave as a patient or a test subject to further objectify them.

Medical torture scenes can be dramatic and long, poking and prodding the patient for hours until the tester is satisfied they have been tested or that they have been ‘cured’ of a disease or illness. And of course, going back for routine checkups is necessary for both partners.


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