Prepare Your Nipples for Breast Scenes

If your Master is interested in making your breasts a part of every scene you do together, you need to make sure that you are prepared. While you might not be able to prepare for everything in the bedroom, a slave’s job is to be as graceful as possible and screaming like a banshee does not count. You can do a few things to prepare your nipples for even the most intense of breast scenes. Though you might still scream, at least you will suffer the pain as gracefully as you can.

Know Your Nipple Sensitivity

First things first, find out just how sensitive your nipples are. If you don’t know how sensitive your nipples actually are, you might have responded in past scenes, not because of pain, but because of surprise. One way to find out how sensitive your nipples are is to pinch them and twist them. Find out if you shriek in pain when you do this to yourself or if you think it’s your Master’s touch that is causing you to hurt more than you think you should (because he surprised you with his touch).

If you’ve had painful scenes in the past, you might want to remember this when you go into your next scene and prepare with the steps from the following sections.

Try Out Clips and Clamps

Once you’ve determined whether your nipples are sensitive, you need to prepare them for the next scene by applying the same sorts of devious devices that your Master might also use. Some cheap ones to use are clothespins and clamps. You can also use binder clips from your office. Try out a few of these pieces to see how they impact your breast pain. Remember, your goal is to learn how to suffer the pain, so you will still feel pain. This is a good thing. You need to let your nipples hurt as much as you can stand, pull off the clips, and then try again.

The more you do this, the more you will be able to see how much pain you can stand. Again and again, continue to do this until you can’t stand anymore. Then do it again. Use a vibrator or masturbate with your hand at the same time as this makes the nipples swell and it will cause you to test yourself even harder. Continue to practice until you can stand the pain or you begin to at least become accustomed to it.

**It is always best to practice this exercise when you have a number of days away from your Master. You will notice that after practicing on your own nipples that they will be sore to the touch for a few days. If this is the case you won’t be able to play with your Master, so make sure you have some rest time for your nipples to stop hurting before you play with your Master again.

Learn to Breathe Through Pain

No matter how sensitive you are to pain, especially on your nipples, make sure that you learn how to breathe through the pain. When your body tenses up, it’s because you’re not getting enough oxygen. You should practice breathing through the pain when you try out the clamps and clips on your nipples. The more practice you have, the more it will help you feel ready for your next scene. Even when you’re not in pain, practice taking long and slow breaths to help you move through any sensations you might be having. This will ensure that when you’re in the middle of an intense scene that you are ready for anything.

The more you practice, the more prepared you will be. This is going to help you as a slave and it will allow you to create a more elegant scene. While you can’t prepare for everything, if you know that your breasts are too sensitive, then it might be a good idea to try to serve your Master before you are even in the scene. He will love that you have taken the initiative.

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Master Bishop

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6 thoughts on “Prepare Your Nipples for Breast Scenes”

  1. Good evening Mistress Sophia and Master Bishop:

    Your articles are considerate and useful. They speak to me in many ways and i save them so i can reread them often. This one in particular reminding the submissive to breathe through the pain has helped me when Master Nicholas uses His favourite slut by entering my ass. i have a low pain tolerance threshold when anal play is involved but breathing deep and focussed really helps and crying is no longer part of the entering process. i have become a much more graceful submissive thanks to this article. Thank You.
    i do have a question: How often do You hear of successful relationships (love/marriage etc) in the realm of bdsm? i fear in order to have a loving relationship i will have to forfeit the intensity i crave where sex is concerned.

    Submissive F.T.
    Vancouver BC Canada

    1. Hi submissive f.t.

      I’m glad to hear that this article was able to help you to become a much more graceful submissive. I have found that relationships within the BDSM realm can be quite successful if both partners are interested in being within a committed loving relationship. While any relationship can be difficult, the benefits of being within a BDSM relationship can be the fact that both people in the relationship know and understand their roles. T love, devotion and desire found within a BDSM is the glue that can keep the relationship together and stronger then many vanilla relationships. However, both partners (Dom and sub) must always be willing to look after their partner’s happiness and well-being. This can lead to a truly successful relationship.

  2. Personally, I think a good portion of this is smart, but this is far too generalized. Not every Master requires his slave to endure pain to the degree that she will want to scream out, so suggesting that those of us that aren’t painsluts prepare for things that our Masters well never demand is upsetting.

    1. Hi Antonette,

      I’m sorry if this article offended you. I’m not saying by this article that all submissives need to focus on this. This article was meant for submissives who’s Dominants do like to inflict pain upon their nipples. If your Dominant is not interested in that then you don’t have to worry about this and you can focus your attention on other aspects of your submission.

  3. Hi,

    First, thank you for the reminder about breathing through the pain! I very much forget to do that. But it can help in processing the pain and making me able to take more.

    That said, your statements about slaves needing to gracefully accept the pain bothered me a bit. I agree, it is my role to gracefully accept pain inflicted by my Partner. However, in my mind, accepting it gracefully means not complaining about it.

    In my dynamic, accepting pain gracefully doesn’t mean internalizing it or learning to breathe through it instead of “screaming like a banshee.” In fact, Sir takes pride in his ability to make me scream. He enjoys the scenes where I am screaming like a banshee. And I am grateful for this, because screaming can be a very cathartic release for me.

    As such, we enjoy playing in a space (both litterally and figuratively) where I can scream. So, if I taught myself to supress the screams, he would be disappointed. Furthermore, he does not want me practicing on my own to learn to tolerate more pain or increasing my pain tolerance in the manner you suggest.

    …I just wanted to put this perspective out there, as not all slaves are expected to be demure or quiet in response to pain.

    ~ pretty kitty
    (slave in Pennsylvania)

  4. IMO this would only be useful for NSA sessions.
    In my experience, Masters like to see the effects of their “input” and furthermore like to see the limits stretching. Subs can train to push their own limits on their own, but this takes away the control of the Master which is pretty much exactly the opposite of what we want.
    Also this form of self training especially if without permission is a way of self pleasuring.

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