Holding Yourself Off For Your Mistress

Your Mistress is in control of your penis – whether you like it or not. And you know you like it, so don’t complain too much. But as your training as a slave progresses, you will want to make sure you are learning how to control your erections whenever your Mistress wants you to control them, which may be quite often. Though the sight of your Mistress may make you hard, it’s up to you to learn how to keep your penis doing what it’s supposed to be doing – unless your Mistress says you can do something else. Yes, you can hold off your erections, even when you think you have no other reaction but to get hard. Here’s what you need to know.

Distraction is the Key to Control

The joke for some men is that in order to keep from getting hard, they need to focus on the least sexy thing that they can. But while this works for men who might be in other relationships or in public, the truth is that when you’re with your Mistress, she might not want you to become distracted during a session. Your Mistress still wants your full attention, but you still might have to control your erections. What do you do then? In those sorts of situations, you will need to find new ways of distracting yourself. You will want to focus on other sensations you are feeling – i.e. pain. This will help you to attempt to divert the blood flow to your penis to other areas of your body. Try to find other things in the session to focus on: the voice of your Mistress, the sound of a crop, the pain you feel, etc. Shifting your mind away from your penis is going to help you begin to focus less on your sexual arousal.

Breathe and Breathe Some More

While you’re not going to stop breathing in your session, some men find that they are breathing more shallowly as they become more aroused. This is fine if you want to build up sexual energy, but when you want to hold off on having an erection, you need to think about your breathing differently. You will want to breathe as deeply as you can when you’re in your session, helping the energy of your body stay calmer and thus you will not have as much of a tendency to get an erection. When you feel your sexual energy building, you will want to breathe in deeply and then breathe out slowly. It seems so simple, but it works wonders to keep your blood flow slow and steady, which keeps you from getting too excited.

Practicing on Your Own

Of course, if you want to please your Mistress all the more, it might help for you to try to control your erections on your own (assuming you are allowed to do this sort of work on your own). Try arousing yourself and then distracting yourself or breathing deeply to see if you can keep an erection from building up. Sure, you might have a number of troubles in the beginning, but you will certainly progress quickly the more you practice. The more you teach your body not to respond to the normal cues for sexual arousal, the easier it will become.

The truth is that your penis and its actions are completely within your control to, well, control. And while it might seem as though this organ is a completely independent entity, this is far from the case. With some practice, you and your Mistress can enjoy erections when they are called for – no more and no less.


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