The Question of When to Discipline

Once you’ve gotten your BDSM routine down pat, chances are good that you may have troubles with discipline…that is, when to discipline. Chances are good that you just want to discipline your sub all the time, but that’s just not a likely scenario – we all have to work, after all. And domination of your sub is much more easily achieved when you are consistent with your discipline. You will be able to keep them in control and you don’t have to do a bunch of work to maintain your BDSM fantasies. If you’re having problems finding reasons to discipline, here are some things to keep in mind.

Making Mistakes?

The most obvious time to discipline is when your sub makes a mistake. If you’ve worked out a list of rules that he or she must follow, when they break a rule, that’s grounds for discipline. In fact, you might already have in place what your sub can expect when they do break such rules. But the trick lies in being consistent about maintaining your rules. You, as the Dom/me, will need to make sure you are watching your sub carefully to ensure they are sticking to your guidelines. At first, you’ll notice many errors, but with consistent discipline, your sub will begin to learn these rules and stick to them without even thinking twice.

Humiliation Tools

For the sub who has agreed to humiliation as a part of their BDSM fantasies, you can also use discipline in this manner. Whether you’re out at a club or you’re simply in the supermarket, you can use verbal discipline or a light slap on the behind to help keep your sub in line. Granted, you don’t want to make too much of a scene, lest the police become involved. But even using warning to your sub about what might happen to them later can provide them with guidelines to change their behavior quickly.

Control During Sessions

You will also want to use discipline in an actual play session when you want your sub to behave a certain way. For example, if you want your sub to stop squirming, you will need to use some sort of discipline technique to make sure he or she does not move. The more often you utilize the discipline tool or technique, the more you will be able to control your sub. Think about ways in which you want your sub to behave during your play times and then make sure to use whatever discipline tools you have at your disposal.

Discipline or Manipulation?

The biggest concern new (and even old) Master and Mistresses have is that they fear the subs are trying to do things incorrectly in order to receive discipline. This can be a big problem for the relationship. Not only does it mean that the sub doesn’t care to follow the rules, but it also means more work for the dominant one. To avoid ‘domming from the bottom,’ you will need to make sure the discipline is consistent, appropriate for the error, and that the sub is talked to about problems that continue to happen. If they seem to be unable to follow a certain rule, you might either need to change the rule…or change your sub.

Creating a successful BSDM relationship requires discipline – for everyone involved. The Dom/me needs to make sure they are following the discipline rules they have set up and the sub needs to realize when they aren’t following through as promised. By recognizing opportunities to discipline, you will begin to see a new and more obedient sub emerge before your very eyes. Discipline is in YOUR hands, after all.

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Master Bishop

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