The Spanking Bench Scene

If your slave has been bad, you already know what you need to do – spank her. She deserves the punishment and you know how to make sure she understands that she’s not in your good graces. But there is more that you can do in order to have a spanking scene be effective in your training goals. With a spanking bench, you can create the ideal setting for a slave to understand just how much she needs to be spanked in order to learn from you.

The Spanking Bench

You will want to have a spanking bench of some sort ready for your new scene together. This can be a simple ottoman (ie footstool or low seat) or it can be a small bench that is covered in leather (or a towel if preferred). The key is to make sure that your slave can rest their upper body on the bench and have their buttocks out toward you, without being able to move away from you as you spank her. To make sure this is the case, you can tie her arms down in front of her to the legs of the bench, and you can tie her knees together or tie her legs to the remaining legs of the bench. This will ensure that she’s going to stay in place and that she’ll be at least semi-comfortable as you begin the spanking sessions.

Bondage Spanking Bench

Assuming the Spanking Position

What you may want to do is to make sure that your slave knows that this spanking bench is her home during your training sessions. What does this mean? You want to make sure that she’s aware of how she need to present her body to you when you instruct her to go to her spanking bench. You might want to have her strip down and sit in front of the bench in the position that you have had her in before. Or you can have her always go to that bench first during a BDSM scene, helping her to become comfortable with the idea that you’re going to punish her constantly.

Using the Spanking Bench

Rubber Boot Paddle
Nothing Like A Kick In The Ass To Get A Slave Back In Line

Once she’s in the position, then you can use your hand to spank her again and again. The key is to make sure you’re moving your hand around her behind so that she’s not getting numbed from the pressure. In addition, you can use other forms of torture implements to inflict pain like paddles and canes to give your hand a break. You can use counting games or have your slave answer complicated puzzles while she’s being spanked, helping her to focus on what you want her to do – no matter what might be happening to her body. You can use the spanking bench every time you’re in a BDSM session or you can use it once in a while when she’s been very naughty. Try to keep up the spanking as long as you can, helping to push your slave past the limits she might think she has.

A spanking bench is a very simple way to add more corporal punishment into your BDSM life. When you’re ready to punish in a more old-fashioned way, this bench can bring your slave to her knees. As soon as your slave knows that you want her to go to the bench, then she will know what she’s in for. Make your slave prove her dedication to you by being in the proper position at the spanking bench. She’ll learn a lot about how to serve you properly from being completely committed to bending over for you. For more ideas on how to train your slave Click Here.


Master Bishop

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