adjustable swiveling spreader bar with model on her back

Bound And Exposed For Extreme Pleasure

The night started off like any other night with Master. The naked sub took her time in preparing a light dinner, making sure that all of the foods were cooked perfectly, and waited until her Master was seated before asking if she could pleasure him while he ate.

“No,” he answered. “Not tonight, you need to eat and build your strength for what I have planned for you.”

Sad that she would not be able to feel his cock in her mouth, a craving she had been dying for all day. She made herself a plate and ate as fast as she felt the butterflies building in her stomach from all the anticipation. She cleared all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, as she heard her Master setting up the evenings events behind her. She didn’t bare to peak knowing the opportunity to serve her Master that night might be revoked. Once she was done, she took her place in the corner, head bowed, eyes closed and kneeling until she was granted release.

He looked down at her and pulled on the collar around her neck. Saying nothing, he attached the leash and led her to the room that was to be her awakening. She kept her eyes on his heels, following closely behind every step.

Without a word, she felt herself being pulled into the space she knew so well. He positioned her in the middle of the room and she went into instructional position – knees apart with feet together, hands behind her back grasping the opposite elbow, chest up, shoulders back, chin up with eyes cast down as she kneeled on the floor. When she first learned this position her legs would ache but after many months of training her submissive body was beginning to adapt to the position.

He walked behind her and tied a blindfold around her face. Then he took a piece of rope, wrapping it around the blindfold to secure it in place and tied it off. She was certainly not going to see what was coming.

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“Lay down on your back.”

She immediately responded to his command, laying flat on her back with her arms by her side and legs stretched out.

adjustable swiveling spreader bar with model on her backShe heard a metallic sound as he pushed her legs apart and felt a soft leather cuff being wrapped around each of her ankles. The unmistakable sound of a padlock echoed in the room, one for each ankle, as the clicks resonated in her ears. With the second click she tried to test her mobility, only to realize she could not move legs back together again – they were being forced apart by a bar between her legs. Pulling the bar back to her chest, her legs were forced to bend.

“Give Me your hands.”

Each hand was strapped into place on the bar and locked to prevent escape.

She was grateful for the padded floor beneath her, the training room was always cold, but warmed up as a scene would progress. With her eyes still blinded, she felt the bar being pulled back as far as she could possibly go before being tied up behind her. Her pussy and ass forced high into the air, completely exposing her holes for her Master’s use.  She was utterly vulnerable and in absolute euphoria.

He then looked over at the box. In it were several possibilities for tonight’s adventure. The rustling sounds started to make the slave wriggle around, not knowing what to expect or where she might be tested next.

He looking back at her he saw her throbbing pussy, just begging to be played with. A sparkle could been seen in his eye as he realized the devious adventure they were about to undertake.  He knew she was already aroused, and he wanted push her arousal to a point she had never felt before. He knew the power sucker would produce the desired effect of increasing the sensitivity of her clit and force her to become even more excited.

Gently he began sliding his fingers over her clit and pussy lips. She inhaled immediately from his touch, arching her back as her limbs struggled against her restraints. All she could focus on were his fingers playing his symphony upon his submissive pussy.  She was helpless to resist and felt her body giving into the pleasure as her body began to heat up. As his fingers moved along her big swollen lips, she could feel the pounding of her pulse against his hand.  With no warning and no resistance his fingers found her aching hole.triple power sucker set genital demo

The feel of anything that belonged to her Master within her made always made her body quiver uncontrollably.  He knew her body like nobody before, as he began rubbing her G-spot to brink of pleasure. She tried to move her body to no avail, tossing her head from side to side as she cried out begged her Master to let her cum.

Pulling his soaked fingers out he gently massaged her juices over her clit and lips, as she writhed and whimpered in painful overwhelming unleashed pleasure.

He took a sucker and placed it on her hard throbbing soaked clit, slowly turning the knob and sucking her clit up into the plastic chamber. She exhaled loudly, trying not to scream at the sensation. The throbbing intensified as the sucker pulled her clit further in, causing her clit to get bigger and bigger. The slight pain of the suction mixed with her heavily aroused body caused her mind to spin.

He laughed and grabbed the nipple suckers. Taking each nipple in his mouth, he made sure they were hard and wet before quickly sticking them into suction cups. The power of the suction was intense, and the throbbing from her nipples and clit were more than she could handle.

He continued to pump the nipple cups pulling her nipples further, until he heard her scream “Oh god…”

vibrating nipple suckers model demoHe stopped for a moment and considered gagging her, but those sounds were sweet music. And no one could hear them from this room.

Still, he said nothing as he stood back to observe the beauty of his slave as she escaped into the abyss of pain and pleasure. Instead, he turned on the vibration setting on the nipple suckers and watched as she writhed around, unable to get away from their invasive and insistent torture.

She started to moan with each vibration. Between her clit being enlarged and her nipples being endlessly tormented, her mind started to drift and she forgot about everything before this moment.

Then it was quiet. The vibration stopped and the room was still.

Her breathing started to slow and she wondered if her Master was still there. She tried to move the blindfold away, but the rope kept it securely in place.

Just when she thought she was calmed down, the vibrations on her nipples started again. This time, it felt even more intense as her nipples became more sensitive. And it continued this way for a while, she would moan and scream and writhe and then vibrations would stop.

He let her rest. Before starting again.

Over and over, this happened. Over and over, she felt herself on the brink of orgasm before he stopped her. He knew her body better than she did. He knew when to stop so she would never be able to cum.

“Oh please…” she whispered. “Please, may I feel you inside of me?”

“Not yet” He shook his head, even though he knew she couldn’t see him.

He increased the suction on her nipples and clit and continued the waves of vibration. As the humming continued and she moaned, he went to the box once more and plugged in the strongest vibrator he owned.the most powerful wand massager

Long and black, with a smooth end, this wand hummed loudly, but not so loudly that she heard it coming. Quickly, he turned off the nipple vibration and put the wand under the sucker on her clit.


Releasing her pussy from the clit sucker, her large hard clit stood at attention throbbing and sensitive to the slightest touch. He smiled as he lightly grazed her clit with his finger and she moaned from the touch. He knew she was ready and moved the wand around her very wet pussy. She started to buckle and desperately tried to escape the overwhelming pleasure as her mind screamed for release.

“Please Master”

“Not yet,” he said sternly. She tried to breathe and take her mind off of everything that was happening but her body was too sensitive to the overpowering pleasure that it was impossible to block. She desperately tried to stop the orgasm that was just about to happen as the wand continued to work its way around her sensitive folds.

She begged her Master, hoping he would understand that as much as she wanted to obey and wait for his command, she just could not resist any longer.

He turned the nipple vibration on again and she felt she could not hold back anymore. She had to cum, she had to and that is when he slide his hard throbbing cock deep into her pussy.

“Cum for Me Now”

Instantly she let go as her pussy clamped hard around his cock and screamed in absolute delight as the waves of pleasure came rippling through her body. She thrashed around trying to unleash all the waves of pleasure flooding her mind and body as she came again and again.

And then it was silent. He turned off the wand, removed the nipple cups and undid her blindfold.

“Thank you, Master. May I please have your cum?”

“Not yet, we have only just begun”

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