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The Purpose Of Humiliation Training

As a Dominant or Dominatrix, you have a special role in the development of your slave. You can utilize a variety of tools and training to encourage their full potential, and enable them to fully serve you and your needs. For some slaves, they require a certain sort of breaking down of their current state of mind. One way to inspire their feeling of being in a submissive state is to use humiliation training. Though not all slaves will want this sort of training, some do want it and can benefit tremendously, allowing them to sink into their role and serve you in the best way possible.

**Please Note** Humiliation training should never be conducted unless it has been previously discussed and agreed upon by both partners.  Humiliation training will not work if the submissive has not consented to it. Much care and attention should be spent on understanding the submissive’s past and knowing what forms of humiliation are completely off limits, so it can be avoided at all costs during training. Caution and common sense must be used at all times.

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Humiliation Training

At the core of humiliation training is the creation of a lesser than headspace. This occurs by humiliating the slave’s central state of mind and putting them into a vulnerable state. This requires starting by identifying what makes the slave feel humiliated. This might include:

How they feel about themselves – A Dominant or Dominatrix can also identify what the submissive feels is the worst part of them (at this time, anyway). This might include how they look, how they sound, or how they behave when under stress. By talking about what the slave might be easily humiliated by, then that information can be used in a scene or as part of a longer-term training.

How they respond to certain words – There might be key words that a slave will find most humiliating. Some might respond to derogatory words, certain swear words, or certain labels that might be applied to them. Depending on the slave, you will need to find out what has the greatest possibility of generating true humiliation. Because every slave is different, it is essential to get to know your slave and to find out what they will benefit the most from in their training.

How they are impacted by certain goals – You might also choose to find certain goals that are nearly impossible to achieve. In doing so, there will be multiple points at which the slave is not going to succeed. For a slave who has issues with wanting to please their Master or Mistress, they will feel humiliated each time they try to reach the goals…and can’t. You might choose to point out all of the times they make a mistake, further humiliating them and making them think they are never going to please you.

How they respond to certain dress or punishments – Some slaves will feel humiliated by having to wear certain items (e.g. a diaper, the opposite gender’s clothing, etc.). By simply being in these garments or being punished in their most vulnerable areas, they will sink deeply into the headspace of being the object of humiliation. A Master or Mistress can then remind the slave of their position again and again, further enforcing the idea that they are less than their trainer.

How they have been treated in their lives – You can also explore the ways in which a slave has been humiliated in their everyday lives. Perhaps they did not do well in a work situation. You might find a way to act these sorts of real life scenarios out to feel the humiliation again, though with the lens of power exchange. The Dominant might be the mean boss, for example, and enact that to see how the slave will respond.

There might be other situations in which a slave will feel humiliated, so having detailed conversations about the slave will enable a more personalized approach to this training method.

The Purpose of Humiliation in Training

Many mistresses and masters will use humiliation training to encourage:

  • A submissive mindset at all times – The more you can keep a slave in the state of feeling like they are less than their master or mistress, the more they will stay engaged in the training process. If it’s clear they are going to be humiliated for any small infraction, the more they will remain submissive at all times during your scenes together.
  • A more focused slave – This sort of humiliation training also encourages focus and determination. While the slave might not be able to avoid humiliation, as they may never be perfect, they will realize it is their job to keep trying to please their trainer.
  • A slave that is willing to do whatever their master/mistress wants – Just as exercise builds stronger muscles, humiliation training will help a slave become more focused on attending to the needs of their master or mistress. Whether they are trying to avoid humiliation or not, the slave is better equipped for any scene in which they find themselves.
  • A slave who is empowered to face their fears – At its core, humiliation training helps to empower slaves against their fears. While they might find the beginning of this training to be challenging, they will slowly become stronger and better able to adapt the humiliation and the feelings that develop from it. They will be able to strengthen their mind and do what is asked, without being afraid.

The trick with humiliation training is that it’s best for slaves who already have a strong foundation in being submissive. Though some masters and mistresses might want to start with this hardcore training, it’s not always well-suited for those slaves who are just finding their place.

Humiliation is a tool of expansion for a slave. It is a practice of being able to follow through with commands and scenes, while their mind and body is overwhelmed by the stimulation of being humiliated. Over time and with practice, the slave will simply drop into a scene, accept their humiliation, and act accordingly.

No matter the reason why humiliation training is chosen for training, the master or mistress has a sacred responsibility to ensure the slave is well cared for in each scene. Though the scene might be harsh and difficult, the dominant or dominatrix needs to find some way to ensure the slave sees their progress. No one will be perfect, but the attempts of the slave to be their best will need to be recognized and appreciated.

And thus, the training will be a success.


Mistress Sophia

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