Need Some Festive Toys For Your Christmas Party

Christmas parties are starting to fill up everybody’s calendar.  While these festivities are always fun, the hardest part tends to be figuring our what to wear that reveals your personality while also staying within the festive theme. Here are just a few ideas to help you out:   XXXmas Cane This is the naughtiest Christmas cane that the elves in the North Pole make each …

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Christmas Shopping For Kinksters

December 25th approaches faster then most people realize and finding a gift that your partner will absolutely love becomes more difficult every year.  It’s always gives you such a good feeling to watch your partner unwrap their present only to see their jaw drop and eyes widen in absolute excitement when they realize what an amazing present you gave them. What type of present can …

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Oh Halloween

Oh Halloween, the time of year where everybody in North America dresses a little more risque, lowers their inhibitions and accepts many of the taboos in the world.  If you ask Me, clearly this is a sign that many people truly have a desire for the naughty things in life. While they try to ignore it for most of the year, they need at least …

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Valentine’s & BDSM

Many people assume that just because someone is into BDSM that their whole lives most revolve around it 24/7. Well I’m sorry to burst the illusion for some people, but even people who live a 24/7 lifestyle still have hobbies, work, family and even romance outside of BDSM. That’s right, many Dom/me will put down their favorite flogger and let go of their sub’s leash …

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