Different Kinds of Gags

When you first think of gags, you probably get turned on. But after that, you want to think about the different kinds of gags there are and how they can be used in different scenes. While ball gags are ball gags, it’s the way they’re designed that can make a slave moan, albeit muffled.

Traditional Ball Gags

Silicone Ball GagThe traditional ball gags are the ones that most people are most familiar with. These are the large balls that fit into the mouth of a slave. They will stay behind the teeth of the slave, causing them to not be able to move their mouth up and down. This restricts the speech and causes the slave to begin to drool if the gag is left in long enough. You can find these traditional ball gags in a number of sizes, helping to fit your slave’s mouth perfectly. Because these gags have a strap, they are easy to put on and to take off, and they are also not going to move once they are in place. The larger the gag you can fit into your slave, the less they will be able to talk. However, larger ball gags can also cause cramping in the jaw of the slave, so you will want to make sure that you see if your slave can take it. You can find these gags in rubber, plastic, and leather. If you choose a new ball gag, it’s a good idea to make sure to clean it thoroughly before you use it. The new gags can have a horrible dust taste if you’re not cleaning it ahead of time. Not to mention whatever else it has picked up as it sits in the warehouse before it is shipped off.

Holes in the Ball Gags/Open Mouth Gags

Breathable Ball Gag
Multi-Hole Breathable Ball Gag

Like the traditional ball gags, these circular gags will go into the slave’s mouth and behind the teeth. They will continue to restrict speech, but these have the added benefit of a large or multiple small holes in the middle. For slaves who might have troubles breathing through their nose in certain positions, this is a great way to ensure they can still breathe. Also, the hole can be used to insert things like a penis, though the holes aren’t generally large enough for well-endowed Masters. Or a Master or Mistress might want to pour things into the slave’s mouth as a part of an edge scene – and these gags will keep the slave silent while this happens.

Open Mouth Gag
Open Mouth Gag

Bit Gags

Silicone Bit GagJust like a horse bit, these gags are just a straight rubber, wooden or leather bar that is placed across the slave’s mouth fitting against each corner. This bar forces the slave’s mouth to remain open at all time. While it doesn’t muffle a slave’s noises like a traditional ball gag, it does impair the slave’s ability to speak properly. It is also very effective at making a slave feel more animalistic, as it does resemble a horses harness. This gag is also a good way to control your submissive’s head. By attaching a leash or reign to either side of the gag, a Dominant can easily direct the slave’s view by pulling on the side They want the slave to turn too. By pulling one side, it causes the bit to dig into that side of the mouth, creating an uncomfortable urge to turn the head in that direction to relieve the pain.

Ball Gags as a Part of a Head Piece

Blindfold Ball Gag HarnessOr you might want to invest in a more extensive ball gag that is a part of a larger contraption. This will allow you to create a total immersion experience. This might include a harness that goes around the head and that will include blinders or a blindfold. This will include a gag that is slipped into the mouth first, then the rest of the contraption is put on, buckled up, and you’re ready to go. You might also find ball gags as a part of a neck bracer or in other head pieces. Much more intense, these sorts of ball gags are best for experienced slaves who know their limits.

No matter what kind of gag you choose, the slave will certainly not argue back. These gags are pleasing to look at and they can come in a variety of colors too. You can use them again and again without having to replace them, assuming they are kept clean. When you’re ready to silence a slave, stick with the gags that work and you won’t be disappointed with the results. And they won’t argue either.

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