Whips, Chains And Floggers, Oh My

When you think of BDSM, you probably think of whips, chains,
floggers and all of the other implements of pain and control. And
why not? But when you’re trying to start your own exploration of
BDSM, it will help if you learn what’s available to use, what it’s
used for, and why it’s used. By knowing this, you can stock your
‘toy box’ with only the things that you really want to use.


The first category of BDSM tools is those that are used to inflict
pain. These include everything that might be used to hit the skin
or cause an intense sensation. Here are some of the most popular
ones and what you might use them for:


* Crops – often seen as a tool used to urge a horse to move
more quickly, but serve as a great tool for giving quick, sharp
pain to the skin. Light and easy to use.

* Whips – one of the hardest tools to use as you can hurt
someone badly (as well as yourself) if you don’t know what you’re
doing. But it’s one of the most dramatic tools and works well in a
public play space.

* Floggers – with multiple pieces of leather coming from the
base, this provides a widespread sensation of prickling pain. Very
easy to use and can cause intense sensations very quickly.

* Electro-sex equipment – this includes TENS units and other
electrical probes that are put on the skin and then electrified
with a separate unit. They can be placed on women and men for
intense genital stimulation.

* Clamps – these are small clamps that can be attached to the
breasts or other sensitive areas of the body, causing instant pain
and sometimes even more intense sensations when removed.


Next in the BDSM tool box are those things that will cause a
submissive to feel controlled physically:


* Rope – by learning basic bondage techniques, you can cause a
submissive to be bound in strict positions that allow for little
movement as well as predicament positions that will make them move
in certain ways to avoid pain

* Handcuffs, ankle cuffs – much easier to use than rope, but
not as versatile.

* Gags – used to prevent the submissive from speaking or making
any sound. Range from simple ball gags to spider gags and blow up
gags and more.

* Hoods – create intense sensory deprivation by blocking the
senses of the person wearing it as well as creating a sense of
objectification in the wearer as they are robbed of their facial
features too

* Blindfolds – take away the sight of the submission and are a
great way to introduce a submissive to the idea of sensory

* Bondage Bedsheets – Makes bondage easier and faster to play
with. It also allows you to incorporate more positions for that
added fun and something new.


There are plenty of other tools that you might want to add to your
toy box as well:


* Dildos – for penetration into any and all openings

* Butt plugs

* Vibrators

* Chastity devices

* Enema devices

* Latex hoods and clothing

The list of BDSM toys is as long as the number of fetishes and
preferences are. The key is to realize what the toys do and
whether that fits into your own personal preferences as well as the
preferences of your partner.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to stock your
dungeon. You can also use things from around your house – just use
your imagination. A simple fly swatter works well for pain
infliction and a condom-covered cucumber is a menacing dildo. Take
a walk around your house right now to see what kinds of tools you
already have.

What does your imagination want to do?


I hope you enjoyed the part two of the Whips and Chains tutorial.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition which will arrive in a
few weeks!

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Master Bishop


Mistress Sophia


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