Human Furniture for Enhanced Control

Human Furniture With Slave Training

If you look around the room at the furniture you have in your home right now, you might think it’s sort of dull or boring. But what if you were ale to create human furniture? Imagine being able to sit on your slave whenever you like, causing them to hold you in a safe position for hours at a time. How entertaining and provocative would that be? The human furniture idea used to be something that was limited to the fantasy world, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. With these tips, you can use your slave or slaves to create a new furniture arrangement with them in the proper positions for your comfort.

Assume the Position

First things first, you need to see what your slave can do. The table position is the easier way to begin and it will allow you to see just how much training your furniture needs. Have your slave get on all fours on the ground and then position themselves as the table. Once they have been able to show that they can act as a table, then you might want to use them as a footstool or a chair. The slave should be told exactly how to get into the position and then be trained to hold it for longer and longer periods of time until they are confident they can act in the way you want them to act.

Ideas for Human Furniture

Chairs and tables are simple ideas, but you can also have a slave that is a coat hanger or that is a couch. Just move your slave’s body around in different positions, causing them to perform in different ways in the room where they are located. You might even drape cloth over them to show that they are nothing more than furniture that is used again and again. You can create table settings with multiple slaves or you can have entire dinners on the back of your slave, never once acknowledging them or their presence. The opportunities are endless for a slave to prove their devotion to you.

A Furniture Party

You can even have a slave party if you have more than one slave or if you share slaves with other Masters or Mistresses. You might have a few tables and a few chairs, and all of the dominants can test out the furniture to see what is the strongest and most enjoyable. You can even taunt the slaves by touching them in their most sensitive areas in order to see if they can maintain their positions. You might also want to cover up all of the slaves with blankets or sheets to keep them from seeing what other slaves are doing, plus to have a contest to see what the best piece of furniture might be.

Human furniture is a provocative way of showing off your slave and how well they can behave under stress. Though you might not know what to do with them at first, once you begin to have slave furniture in your life, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. Try different furniture pieces on different days to see which you like best and which you might want to enjoy on a nightly basis.

PS – Don’t Forget to Keep Your Furniture Steady…

with some bondage. Once your slave is in the proper position, bind them in that position so that they can not move an inch. Now that’s a way to create a statement in your living room, without anyone having to say a word. Learn more about enhancing the control over Your slave

To Y/your Continued Training,

Master Bishop


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1 thought on “Human Furniture for Enhanced Control”

  1. Thank you Master Bishop,
    i love when Master instructs me to stool position and uses me as a foot rest. Master will now be training this slave to be a strong/steady end table able to hold dishes or drinks without tipping or spilling…i can’t wait to share this article with Him, I’m certain He will find many of Your suggestions intriguing.

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