Prepping Your Batty

Strap-ons are going to be a part of your life, most likely, as a male slave to a dominating Mistress. That said, if you’ve only dreamt of being pummeled in the ass before meeting your Mistress, you need to do some work before the time comes to play. Though you might think taking it ‘like a man’ is the best way to show your Mistress you are worthy, perhaps a little homework ahead of time will help you both fulfill each other’s fantasies. You can prepare your behind for that strap-on, no matter how big it might be. Here’s what you need to do.

Relax, Relax, Relax

You’ve probably already guessed that relaxing your ass is going to be the best way to prepare yourself for the strap-on, but that sounds more nerve wracking to some than the actual act. After all, your body’s first response is to tighten up whenever something is in your rectum. Your body knows that things are supposed to leave your ass, not enter it. Fighting nature is going to be a little tricky. You can begin to prepare your ass by simply closing your eyes and practicing a little relaxation. You don’t have to meditate, but what you do want to do is practice relaxing each of the muscles in your entire body, which will also help you learn to relax your sphincter muscles as well.

Another way to relax your behind is to tighten up your sphincter muscles and then relax them. Doing this over and over during the day will teach you to become aware of these muscles and thus when it comes time to relax them; it’s going to be much easier. Another trick is to tighten up your sphincter muscles right before insertion of a strap-on or dildo, your body automatically relaxes in response to the tightening that came before.

It goes without saying, but perhaps it should be mentioned anyway – BREATHE. When you do not breathe enough, your body will tighten up and it will clench all of its muscles. This does not add up to a good strap-on experience. Breathe as much as you can during your scene, helping to keep your body as loose and limber as possible.

Trying Your Ass on Your Own

Of course, the best way to learn how you will respond to a strap-on is to practice with other ass-friendly toys. You can purchase many a shape and size of butt plug to help you begin to understand what a strap-on will feel like. Try out the smaller toys first with A LOT of lube and then move up to larger toys when you become comfortable. Slowly and surely, your ass will be ready for any size toy, and your confidence will be up as well.

Trust and Pleasure

The main reason for the training of your ass is to show your Mistress that you not only trust her, but what you want to give her pleasure. This is not to say that you will experience any pleasure from the experience, but your Mistress probably enjoys the strap-on and its power even more than you could. Recognizing that your relationship with your Mistress has to begin with your trust of her that she does not want to hurt you will help you with your first strap-on encounter.

If you should experience a bit of discomfort during the scene, remember to focus on the pleasure of your Mistress as this will help you to breathe through any tough parts. This will make you a better slave when you recognize your place and your duty to the Mistress you have chosen to serve.

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  1. Wow allowing a mistress to use a strap on on me is something I truly hope will b forced upon me asap I just havent been enslaved yet but I really really would like to

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