Project Confidence with Your Sub at All Times

As the Master, you have a number of duties on your proverbial plate. And while you may think wielding a whip is enough to get your slave to do what you want her to do, that’s only a part of your role as a dominant. In your chosen position, you have to also project confidence at all times so that the slave knows you’re the one in charge, so that the slave knows that you’re someone who will be obeyed.

Why Confidence Matters

If you’ve ever been in a meeting with a person who didn’t know what they were talking about, you know how it feels to a slave when their Master isn’t confident. The slave is just going to question all that you do, even if they don’t say their doubts aloud. Your slave should never think that you’re out of the control position. And when you’re not confident, it can seem as though no one is in control, which not only makes a scene less effective, but it can also make your slave question whether you can train them at all.

Planning Your Sessions

Confidence comes when you plan your sessions ahead of time. You should always have a goal in mind and a set of tasks for your slave to complete. This way, you never have to fumble for something to do next and you don’t have to stop at all to assess the scene. You want to move briskly from task to task, making sure that you always have something for the slave to do. If you’re concerned you’ll forget what you need to do, simply make out a small list of tasks and put it somewhere you can see it, but your slave can not.

Prepare Your Mind

You need to be ready to be in a scene when it begins. When your brain is elsewhere during a scene, it’s normal for you to not be as confident in the results. Before your slave comes into the room or over to your home, take five minutes to breathe and to let go of any leftover problems which might be on your mind. This way, you can be completely present for the scene and you will be able to take charge from beginning to end.

Trust Your Instincts

While true confidence comes with experience and time, trusting yourself is the first step. You need to believe that you are the one who is in charge and that you can control the scene you have planned. If you’ve planned out the scene and you’ve setup all of the tools you need in the dungeon or play room, there’s nothing more for you to do. You need to trust that when something goes wrong, that you will know how to fix it, and you need to trust that when you need to change the energy of a scene that you will know how to change it. You might mess us, but that’s going to happen. Being confident that you can deal with the issue is what makes you a solid Master.

BDSM is not easy and it plays not only on the relationship between two people but also on the internal self esteem of both participants. In order to project confidence as a Master, you need to be willing to plan ahead, forget the rest of the world for a while, and trust your instincts. As with everything, practice makes perfect. So, keep trying and you’ll eventually build a natural confidence that will take you into a scene and take your slave on an adventure.

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Master Bishop

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