Taking Your Corporal Punishment

As a slave, it is your duty to take your punishments as gracefully as you can. While your Master might be training you to be the best slave you can be, you also need to take responsibility for your part in the process. In a corporal punishment scene, where you are expected to receive punishment after punishment, you need to know how to be the best possible slave and how to please your Master so they can see the fruits of their hard work in training you. In time, it will become easier, and even experienced slaves can have troubles in their training.

Present Your Body

Begin by presenting your body as your Master instructs you. If you know that you have this scene coming up, it’s a good idea to practice your positions to ensure you know how to hold your body in this position for as long as you can. While practicing on your own is not the same as having your Master in the room, the more that you can train your body to have the muscle memory to keep your legs, arms, and torso in the right position, the easier it will be to hold as you continue the scene. Practice holding your body in your positions, remembering your dedication to your Master as you do. Try to hold your body in these positions for longer and longer periods of time, leading up to your scene.

Count Along with the Strikes

If this is a part of your corporal punishment, you will also want to practice counting your strikes. This might mean that you need to practice counting whenever you are not with your Master and that you practice settling your mind to focus on the numbers, no matter what else might be happening around you. A good way to do this is to play really loud music and try to keep the count of the punishments in your mind. When you can focus your mind and stay disciplined, you can create a strong connection with your Master and with his intentions to train you along the way.

Ask for More

In the scene itself, it is always a good idea to ask for more punishment, if you are able to safely handle more. This will show your dedication to the tasks and to your training. At the end of each round, make sure that you ask your Master if he would like to give you more, since you want to be the best slave you can be for him and for his desires. He will see that you are continuing to improve yourself and your position at his feet. You may also want to continue to stay in position for as long as possible, even after the scene has seemed to come to an end. Do not change what you are doing until your Master tells you otherwise. Looking to the Slave Training Tutorial to learn more ways to serve your Master/Mistress.


Master Bishop


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