The Mystery Box Scene

You need to have surprises in any relationship and a well-trained slave might feel you have nothing more to show them after you’ve been together for a while. That’s where the mystery box can come in handy. This scene will allow you to be in control of your slave, without having to tell them what’s happening, why it’s happening, or what might happen next. Make your slave feel as though they are new to training once more – and bring out this box when you begin to see that your slave needs to be reminded who’s in control.

What’s in the Box?

Before you can start the mystery box scene, you need to figure out what’s going to go into the box you have to give to your slave. Some ideas but not limited too include:

• A sexy outfit
Bondage materials
• Clamps and clips
• Corset
• Instructions

What you might want to do is create an entire scene, placing the things you need for this scene in the box. This will ensure you have all of the items you need to torment and tease your slave, but the slave might not be sure how you are using all of them. In fact, if your slave is bright and well-trained, you may want to throw a few things into the box that you aren’t going to use, just to keep them guessing.

This box might contain instructions about what to wear, when to put it on, how to bind themselves, etc. This box will be a sort of game that the slave plays with themselves, acting both as Master/Mistress and slave.

Delivering the Box

The box might be something that gets delivered by you personally or you can take a risk and have the box delivered to the slave at home or at work. Let them know there is a package coming for them that is for their eyes only. When they know this, they will begin to create a strong picture in their mind about what they can expect, even though they might have no idea what you are up to – and you might want to keep it that way.

You can also deliver this box to them at their home without saying anything to them. Place the box in a place where your slave will find it and then see what their response is once they receive it. You will then be calling the shots, even when you’re not in the room with them.

A Slave and the Box

Your slave might be instructed to follow a certain set of instructions in the box, on a certain day, in a certain manner. They might be told to listen to a certain song, wear something, or present themselves in a particular way. If these instructions are not carried out as ordered, the slave might need to have a certain punishment or they might need to try a new Mystery Box in order to see if they are willing to listen to what you have commanded them to do. If the slave follows the orders, you have a scene to create with them and then you can decide during the scene if the slave is a good one that deserves rewards as much as they might want punishments.

The Mystery Box is a good way to test out a new slave and to see what an older slave can do when they aren’t sure what to expect. The more that you can test your slaves, the better, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun along the way too.

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Master Bishop


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