Keeping Proper Submissive Posture

No matter how long a scene might be, posture is everything to your Master. You need to make sure that you are graceful and poised, no matter what might be asked of you. In order to keep your posture proper, you need to learn a bit about how to hold yourself internally as well as externally. Though it might seem simple enough to stand up straight, when you are being trained and tested, you may find you need more than just the reminder to stop slouching.

Remember Your Positions

If you have a number of positions that your Master likes you to use, it is a good idea to practice these when He is not around. This will allow you to retain muscle memory of what your body should feel like when you are in different scenes. You will also want to make sure that you are holding your positions as best you can during scenes to continue to teach your body how to stand or sit. Whenever you can, make sure to ask your Master to adjust you as needed. This will continuously improve the way that you hold yourself and the way that you behave in scenes. Whenever possible, try out the positions you are expected to know and see how long you can maintain these positions. When you’re watching TV, hold the positions, when you’re in the shower, hold your positions. Before long, they will be second nature and you will only need to focus on the commands of your Master, not on your posture.

Maintain Inner Stillness

What you might not realize is that outer stillness is greatly affected by your inner stillness. If you can not maintain control and balance inside, you will not be able to maintain stillness when you stand. Each time you are in a scene with your Master, try to calm your mind as much as possible. Whether you decide to chant one word in your mind or you focus on your breathing, try to settle any worries or concerns in your head first before you attempt to keep your body in its proper position. You can also practice meditation and other calming practices outside of your dungeon to help you create a calmer attitude throughout your life. Try to keep yourself calm during scenes since this will also help you obey your Master, no matter what He might ask of you during that scene.

Focus on One Object

While you are in a scene where you need to maintain a certain posture, it’s a good idea to stop and focus on one object in the field of vision. Try to watch only that object, never wavering for a moment. Your body will need to also hold a certain position in order to create a consistent posture and view. If your Master wants you to look at different things during a scene, that’s what you should do, but whenever possible, come back to the object that will help remind you where you need to stand and where your attention should be.

Posture doesn’t seem like it should be that important to a slave or to a Master, but when you think about it, it’s the way a slave carries herself that shows the Master how they think of their position. If you’re not graceful, then it might be a sign that the Master is not effective at His training of you. Instead, you need to hold yourself in a way that will make your Master proud – even if He is the only one that ever sees you.

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