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Here at the BDSM Training Academy, W/we personally hand pick every new toy and piece of gear W/we use. There is just something exciting about breaking in a new toy. The shinny packaging, the smell from the material, the unique feel of each material and the brand new sensations that are produced with each moment. New toys and gear always add extra pleasures to play, but when there is a NEW Innovation that expands O/our play abilities, well who doesn’t want to get their hands on it.

That is why W/we are constantly looking for new innovative toys and gear. W/we want to make the most of every single moment W/we have in training, as I am sure you do. So instead of you having to spend thousands of hours trying to find something for your play, here are some of the best new innovations W/we have found so far.


The Reshape Your Way Dildo

Many times dildos and vibrator can look amazing and like a ton of fun, but when you finally get your hands or body on them they just don’t fit properly. Maybe the angle is wrong or the ridges don’t hit where you need them too. Whatever, the reason there is nothing you can do because the dildo just doesn’t work for your body.

Here is a new kind that you can remold and reshape as many times as you like. You can create a shape that works perfectly for your body or you can just create a new dildo each time you play. The freedom to choose is yours for the first time.

Soak the dildo in some warm water and have fun creating the new shape that will get your engine revving. If creativity is the spice of life than this new reshaping dildo is a must. Learn more about the Reshape Your Way Dildo

Shape The Dildo How You Like

Shape The Dildo How You Like RibbedShape The Dildo How You Like Bent

Shape The Dildo How You Like CurvedBioskin Vibrating Anal Plug

Every year new materials are being created that make toys feel more realistic. And each year they get one step closer, bioskin is the closet they have come yet. Not only is it soft to feel but is the perfect balance of comfort. Just like Goldie Locks, where many toys can be too firm or too soft, this anal plug is just right. Not too firm and the right amount of flexible to provide a better fit for your tight lil hole. Even better, this plug adapts quickly to your body’s temperature, making it feel more natural.

Add in a slim base, a powerful whisper quiet motor and you can have a lot of fun in and out of the bedroom. This plug was designed to allow you more time to enjoy, no matter where you choose to go. Learn more about the Bioskin Vibrating Anal Plug




Uncut Realistic Dildo

Uncut Realistic DildoThere are lots of different kinds of dildos in the world; glass ones, metal ones, some shaped like animals, realistic ones and squirting ones, but up until now there has never been one that had realistic moving skin like this one. Now if you prefer a realistic cut dildo, W/we have lots of those in all different shapes, sizes and colors. But If you have a fetish for an uncut cock, than this dildo is definitely going to be a favorite on your list.

Rimming Wireless PlugRimming Plug With Wireless Remote Demo

Anal play can be a ton of fun but many times the toys that are used can limit what you can do. This was clearly designed to set the sensations of anal play free for all to enjoy. For the first time ever, a rimming sensation can be experienced while being fully penetrated. If you are an anal lover that is a sensation you must experience. Once slide in place, the beads around the base will swirl around the anus producing a gentle rimming job all while the plug vibrates deep within your ass. This is the ultimate anal experience, to learn more about the rimming anal plug






Get Hard Vibrating Cock

Get Hard Vibrating Dildo DemoIf you like wearing a strap on you know your cock is always hard, even if your submissive hasn’t turned you on or earned a hard cock. The Get Hard vibrating dildo was designed for you to wear in your favorite Get Hard Vibrating Dildo Limpstrap on harness and show your submissive when they have finally truly turned you on. With the press of a button you can feel your cock go from limp to fully erect and watch your sub’s eyes grow wide as they see how hard it gets. If they ever displease you, just let your cock go limp until your sub has pleased you again. Power play at its purest!

But that is not all, this dildo curves upwards when fully erect to provide P-Spot and G-Spot stimulation and add ridges for even more pleasure. Hands free control and 10 mode vibrations, who wouldn’t have fun with this cock strapped on. To learn more about the Get Hard Vibrating Cock



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