50 Reasons Why A Submissive Should Serve

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from people about Dom/sub relationships is that the relationship is only about sex. While some Dom/sub relationships can be, for many a Dom/sub relationship involves so much more.

A Dom/sub relationship gives people involved an opportunity to live a completely harmonious and balanced life with their partner in an emotional, spiritual and physical capacity. It develops a relationship where each partner knows and understands their roles, allowing for a balance between personalities, skills, emotional needs and physical desires. It provides an opportunity for both partners to work together as one harmonious unit to be able to reach the objectives that will better serve the couple. As described in ancient Chinese philosophy, it is the balance between ying and yang. It is this balance that provides such a strong foundation for the Dom/sub relationship.

So why am I telling you this? Why don’t I just explain why slaves should serve? The reason why I express this is because I believe this message becomes lost behind many peoples sexual desires. They forget that some of the biggest reasons for a slave to serve and a Dominant to control are rooted deeply within developing a beautiful loving relationship that provides the support that each partner needs throughout life.

Two people are capable of doing and experiencing so much more, when they are able to live and work together in a harmonious and balanced environment.

With that said, trainee k and trainee n who are both currently going through the Female submissive training program, completed their assignment where they are meant to write out 50 reasons why they wish to serve their Dominant/Master. While many people list 50 sexual reasons, trainee k and trainee n both actually expressed some genuine heart felt reasons for their desires to serve that I felt everybody could learn from.

Master Bishop

If you care please help share

Reasons to Serve/to be a slave

by trainee n

1. To create a relationship of trust, care and humour that will sustain and nourish him so that time together is renewing for him
2. To create an environment in which there is the balance between the peace needed when he is stressed and the chaotic playfulness needed when he wants to be energized and have fun
3. To create an environment in which the Dominant may continue to grow and develop in his dominance
4. To be a listening heart and ear
5. To search for solutions and to offer a constructive critique in the process of problem solving
6. To become the submissive/slave with whom he wishes to associate and with whom he wishes to invest his time
7. To be the ying to his yang
8. To co-join my power to his power to enhance his power
9. To understand his wants and desires so as to anticipate and meet them
10. To cultivate the attitudes, thoughts and behaviours that demonstrates the honour and respect due to him
11. To simply be open to him in whatever why he desires
12. To learn to love deeply (The word ‘love’ is used in the sense of ‘to will the very best for another’ and not as a romantic notion.)
13. As a single person living alone for another single person living alone, to watch over him in friendship

14. To bring him pleasure—physical, intellectual and spiritual
15. To be a dinner companion/to provide dinner if not going out
16. To be a film and theatre companion
17. To be a walking/sports companion
18. To be a travel companion when appropriate/possible
19. To fulfill his fantasies
20. To provide for his entertainment
21. To be used sensually and sexually however and whenever he desires and by whomever he wishes
22. To give my body for his enjoyment of BDSM activities/practices/fetishes

23. To be an intellectual sounding board for philosophical and political ideas
24. To research according to his wishes
25. To help in his continuing self-education
26. To challenge and surprise him in such a way that his horizon of understanding is broadened
27. To reflect upon issues and write for him
28. To read for and to him

29. To be a masseuse for arthritic joints and feet
30. To monitor blood pressure and keep records
31. To encourage him in a healthy lifestyle
32. To bath and bodily care for him when necessary/appropriate/desired
33. To worship his body
34. To help and care for him in times of physical need such as sickness, operations etc.

35. To do those tasks for which the Dominant has little or no training, resources or time e.g. computer, video editing etc.
36. To chauffeur when necessary
37. To be a dog/pet minder when necessary
38. To serve and undertake tasks/chores as directed/desired, including domestic chores

39. Through service to him and through his lessons, to grow and develop in submission
40. To grow from submissive to slave and towards the privilege to give my all to him as he wills
41. To demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the time and effort which he puts into planning my training
42. To grow in trust and learning to let go of control
43. To grow in obedience
44. For guidance and direction
45. For the stability and structure he brings to my life
46. For the freedom that is his gift to me through his dominance
47. In thankfulness for his acceptance of this flawed human being
48. To delight in his wisdom
49. Through service, to have my own sensual/sexual/BDSM desires met when he pleases
50. For the pleasure of serving him and because it is my choice to serve him


50 Reasons why I want to be a slave to my Master

by trainee k

1. To please Him

2. To service all his sexual desires

3. To make Master proud

4. To provide Master with emotional support

5. To learn how to relinquish all control to Him

6. To understand what He wants and to provide it for Him

7. To share completely in His life.

8. To thank Him for choosing me.

9. To show Him that He is the most important thing in my life

10. To show my gratitude for His love.

11. To show my gratitude for His kindness.

12. To show my gratitude to Him for knowing what is best for me.

13. To show how much I trust Him.

14. To learn patience.

15. To learn to trust and move past my insecurities.

16. To show how proud I am to belong to such a wonderful Master.

17. To learn to anticipate his needs and provide them without being asked.

18. To show Him the extent of my desires for Him.

19. To show my appreciation for His willingness to take care of me.

20. To show my appreciation for how hard He works to take care of us.

21. To show Him that I recognize the sacrifices He has made for us.

22. To help relieve His stress

23. To show that I can give Him a clean organized house to come home to after His long day at work.

24. To show Him that I respect Him as my Master, Husband and Friend.

25. To give him peace of mind when things around Him are chaotic.

26. To provide Him with comfort and understanding.

27. To provide Him with humor when He is sad.

28. To share in His dreams.

29. To grow our relationship beyond sex and duty

30. To experience total submission when my need to be in control is not in His best interest.

31. To learn to love more deeply.

32. To understand that I can be a strong, independent person without being in control.

33. To take responsibility for the day to day chores so that He can concentrate on His job.

34. To learn to be graceful and respectful to Him at all times.

35. To learn how to put my wants aside to fulfill His first.

36. To ignite His passion

37. To bring Him to sexual heights He has only dreamed about.

38. To show how completely devoted I am to Him only.

39. To prove that I am worthy of His love

40. To prove that I am willing to try to fill all His need and desires.

41. To bring him laughter

42. To give Him my heart, mind, body and soul with complete confidence and trust knowing that He will never hurt me.

43. To give him my support for all the decision He must make in order to provide for us.

44. To relieve the burdens he carries by taking care of me as well as our entire family.

45. To offer my opinions, suggestions and help when He is faced with a dilemma.

46. To help create a life- long relationship built on trust, respect, and a deep knowledge of His needs and desires.

47. To fulfill His fantasies.

48. To become more than just His wife but to become His only desire.

49. To earn the right to be – first in His heart, mind, body and soul.

50. To show that I am the one person His has been waiting for. The one person He wants to share His life with. The one person he knows He can trust to always put Him first and to never disrespect, dishonor or disobey Him.

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7 thoughts on “50 Reasons Why A Submissive Should Serve”

  1. I dont usually respond to your course, and have found them refreshing, but this list should have been one of the first segments you produced. I would have only been able to think of perhaps 20 ( actually, i think some of yours overlap) but MY most beloved girl needs clarification sometimes, although she knows in her heart why she serves me (her no 1 is to serve, and make me proud, your no 2 is filled by these 2), to have it written down clarifies it beautifully.

  2. Thank you for reminding me of some great reasons, that may have been forgotten or put to one side for outside stresses, as to why i choose to serve. I’ve bookmarked this page, to lift my spirit when things are tough.

    Thank you. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to k for this. <3

    1. For me it is a deep rooted desire that was triggered long before my first BDSM experience.. It was an article in hustler magazine where the article discusses fetishes and Dominance
      This was before yahoo aol so i would seek it out in my late teens in gay bars.it wasn’t till aol when i was in my late 20s i really began to explore and realized that my true happiness is to serve what ever pleases my owner.

  3. Hello and thank you for your concise list of attributes, “50 Reasons Why A Submissive Should Serve.”
    This is the very best submissive analysis for a Dom/submissive relationship as it accurately addresses each category of servitude with specific detailed attributes.
    Every Dom / Domme should implement this list for their submissive’s basic training program with improvement accountability over time for each of the 50 reasons. Thus, the Dom / Dome and the submissive follow a solid blue print for where they are going and incorporate the required training for each of the 50 Reasons (lessons).
    In conclusion, this Blue Print focused the Dom/ Domme for a dedicated and trained submissive that will serve, entertain, and pleasure their Master / Mistress.
    Many thanks for taking the time and energy for making BDSM training a positive lifestyle.
    Always looking forward to your writings.
    The very best to all in health and happiness,
    Dom Francisco

  4. I am my wife’s sub. It works very well with us. She fought it at first but now enjoys everything about the lifestyle. I agree with everything written here. Maybe if more men would recognize they are married to a very dominant woman, as I did, they would really enjoy it. She controls everything including my orgasms.

  5. i agree to Master Mal,
    this should be in the first place for new submissives/slaves in training program.
    Very useful for me as learning to be submissive/slave for very good and expierenced Master.
    very big thanks to bothe submissives, especially n:)

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