Choosing A Collar

BDSM Slave Training CollarA BDSM slave training collar for many people is a symbol of a Dominant and submissive relationship. When used and applied properly, a submissive training collar can help to strengthen a Dom/sub relationship.

  • It helps to reinforce the roles within a Dom/sub relationship. The slave knows they are submissive once the collar is placed around their neck. The Dominant knows the submissive is living to submit to their desires once the collar has been accepted.
  • It can be an excellent way to start a scene. Once a collar is placed around the sub’s neck, the scene has begun. Many submissives describe having a collar placed around their neck as like flicking on a light switch for their submissive desires.
  • Its shows a slave that they are protected and cared for, while a Dominant can see that the slave has made the commitment to make the Master/Mistress their first priority.
  • It helps to let others at local fetish parties and events know that the slave is owned and protected. Therefore you must respect both parties of the relationship.
  • Lastly, its damn sexy to see a submissive wearing a collar. There are not many outfits or looks in this world, that can compare to a submissive wearing their collar.

To sum it up, a submissive training collar can have the same importance as a wedding ring, except it looks much hotter when worn.

Training With Collars

When it comes to any kind of training, many times humans need a physical representation to strive for. This is why most martial arts give out different belt colours, swimming lessons give out badges, schools give out diplomas and degrees. Slave training isn’t any different, many slaves can become frustrated if they don’t have something to aim for. Even though they may be learning and enhancing their submissive skills by leaps and bounds, if they don’t have something to show for it many slaves feel like they didn’t achieve anything. This is why a ranking system using different collar colours, can be so effective at keeping a submissive motivated.

  • Black/Blue – (trainee/Collar Of Consideration) the person has been accepted into training but has not proven themselves to be a submissive.
  • Black/Red – (sub) the person has shown a desire to be a submissive and their knowledge has grown. They have been accepted as a sub.
  • Black/Purple – (submissive) A submissive is someone who has accepted their role in life. They have learned most of the skills of a submissive and continue to be happy and eager to prove themselves.
  • Black/Black – (slave) The final graduation of the program is to become a consenting slave. This person has mastered the skills and knowledge of being a submissive and are happy to live a life as a Dominant’s slave.

Collar Punishment

What is even better about the Submissive Colour Collar System is that you can also use it to punish a slave when they misbehave. If a submissive is not behaving up to the standards of their title and collar, you can simply remove the collar and replace it with a collar that you feel they need to retrain in. Essentially, you are demoting them and nobody likes to be demoted.

This is a strict punishment, showing the submissive that they have disappointed you, and that they obviously need to relearn some basic skills that they should have already mastered. Their desire to get their old collar back should snap them back into order.

What Does Your Collar Say About You

What many people do is become so excited about finding someone they can finally collar, that they rush out buy the first collar they can find and slap it on. Placing a collar around a sub’s neck is an important commitment that should never be rushed into and choosing the right collar is just as important.

The kind of collar you get speaks volumes of you as a Dominant and your opinion of your slave. If you purchase some cheap belt strap, it either says you are a cheap Dominant who uses poor quality equipment in your training and that you really don’t care that much about your slave. While you don’t have to purchase the most expensive collar, you definitely want to pick one that will represent you and your slave in a glowing light.

To grab the kind of collar that will have your sub fall to their knees and bow at your feet check out The Submissive Training Collar

What To Look For In A Collar

Many manufacturers of collars cut corners to increase profits. This leads to one thing, an uncomfortable collar that can only be worn for short periods of time, if at all. When choosing a slave training collar, you want to watch for a few things:
1) Choose a leather that is going to be comfortable to wear. Suede is the softest and perfect for prolonged wear.
2) All the edges of the collar must be rounded. Square edges will bite into a slave’s neck and be a constant irritant.
3) Rivets are a cheap easy way to fasten leather goods together, the problem is these metal rivets can irritate the sensitive skin of the neck when the slave begins to sweat or has to wear the collar for extend periods of time. Avoid rivets in collars and bondage gear.

All of these issues will make the collar uncomfortable, stop the slave from wanting to wear it and distract the slave from focusing on your commands. An itchy, irritated neck isn’t the best tool for focusing a slave’s attention and you need all of a slave’s attention if you want them to obey.

4) In My personal opinion, I have to have a locking collar. This way the slave knows that the collar can not come off, until I (the Dominant) decide to take it off. It just reinforces your control and Domination.

Don’t take choosing a collar to lightly, while its not life or death, it definitely effects your training more then you will ever know.


Master Bishop


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3 thoughts on “Choosing A Collar”

  1. This sub absolutely loves this collar.

    i have several different collars but this is the one i love to wear when playing.

    i love to hold this in my mouth while crawling on my hands and knees to Master and requesting play time. When this sub is wearing this collar she feels completely calm and ready for whatever Master has in mind for her.

    The quality is impeccable. The leather is pliable but firm and the suede is amazingly soft.

    Thank you Master Bishop for providing such high quality products.

  2. I have so enjoyed reading these it has helped me to become a better sub. An my dom likes that I am willing to take lessons to please him. So to Mr an Mrs bishop. Thank you!

    1. Well first there is no Mrs. Bishop, but hopefully one day and it will be submissive Mrs. Bishop. Anyways, I’m glad you have liked the articles and that it has helped you with your relationship. That is the reason why W/we create these articles.
      Master Bishop

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