Fear In Slave Training

Female submissives are certainly going to encounter challenges in their training, even when they least expect it. No matter if a slave has been under the control of a Master for a while or just for a short period, there is a time when the slave will wonder if their Master is going to hurt them or if they are truly able to satisfy their Master. This fear is natural and it can be used to further your training. The delicate balance between fear and trust is one that needs to be addressed frequently as the bond between a Master and slave can not be strengthened without a slave knowing what to do when they feel they can not go on.

What are You Afraid Of?

You need to assess what you are afraid of when it hits you during training sessions or outside of sessions. Common fears include:

* Fear of not pleasing – The most common fear of slaves is that they will not be able to please their Masters. And when this happens, a slave can make simple mistakes because they are too afraid of what might happen.

* Fear of pain – Some slaves fear that their Master might inflict more pain then they are able to handle or that a Dominant might permanently injury them, so the physical threat to their bodies is a concern.

* Fear of not being trainable – Many slaves feel that while they want to be trained, they are concerned their Master will not be able to be successful.

These fears, while normal, need to be addressed as they can hold a slave back from their true potential.

Trusting Your Master

When you look at these fears, you can see that something is underlying – trust. If you do not trust your Master to train you well, chances are good that you are not giving your full attention to your training. If you do not trust your Master to keep you from physical harm, you might not push yourself as hard during painful sessions. And when you fear that you are not trainable, you show that you do not have trust in your Master to move you in the right direction.

Just reading this, you begin to see that your trust is something that is a gift to your Master. When you’re unable to trust, you’re unable to give yourself fully to your state of being a slave. You’re stuck in the pattern of being unable to present yourself fully in training sessions and in other situations with your Master.

With that said you should never submit to a Dominant that you do not trust. Also never make yourself vulnerable within a submissive training scene to a Dominant that has not proven they are trustworthy outside of a Dom/sub relationship.

Overcoming Your Fears

Just as with any fear, there are ways to handle your fears and your lack of trust in your Master.

* Repeat your trust in your Master – Before every session, make sure that you repeat to yourself that you trust your Master with your body and with your mind. In time, you will begin to remind yourself of this instinctually.

* Test your perceived limits – When you feel that you are reaching some sort of limit, test yourself by moving past where you think you can go. If you do not succeed, at least you will have tried, and this will show.

* See pressure from your Master as a sign you are ready for more – If you begin to feel fear about your training because your Master is asking more of you, focus on the idea that your Master would not give you any tests without thinking you could live up to his expectations.

You might have fear, but when you have trust in your Master, you will be able to train effectively and you will submit yourself fully. In this beautiful submission, you will become the slave you want to become.

Dealing With Trust Issues

If you can not move past your trust issues then you need to take some time to look at the problem more. Why do you not trust your Master?

* Do you not trust your Dominant because of something they have done in the past? Then you need to sit down with your Dominant and explain to them what they have done that has shattered your trust in them. This way the both of you can figure out how to work through this.

* Do you not trust your Dominant because of things that you have experienced in the past with other people? Take some time and speak with your Dominant about why you have such a hard time trusting people, and that the issue is not just with Him. Perhaps explain the specific situations that caused you to lose your trust in people. With a little communication and some understanding both of you may figure out a way to slowly build your trust.

* Do you not trust your Dominant because the relationship is still new and your Dominant has not proven they are trustworthy? This is very common and understandable, just explain to your Master in a polite and respectful manner that you need more time to get comfortable and build a trusting bond between the two of you.

Don’t silently hold onto your fear and trust issues. This just causes a submissives fears to become worst. Take the time to express your concerns with your Master. This will allow the both of you to finally be able to focus completely on your slave training, the way both of you have always wanted too.

>>>For more ways to establish and build trust within a new or existing Dom/sub relationship go to ===> Dom/sub Relationship Guide


Master Bishop


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