Feeling Uncomfortable With Your Slave Training

When Your Slave Wants to Do Something You Don’t Want to Do

As a Dominant, you have a lot of different things you can do with
your slave. You can push them right up to their boundaries by
looking at what you’ve agreed to include in scenes as well as
things you’ve decided you both might want to try. But what happens
when your slave wants to do something you don’t want to do? Does
this mean you need to find a new slave? Or does this mean that you
should acquiesce to their needs as they acquiesce to your needs?
This has become quite the sticky subject to approach between
Dominants and their slaves. Here are some things to consider when
you find yourself in this situation.

Starting the Conversation

Ideally, your slave is going to be the one who will initiate the
conversation about what they want. But you might have a situation
in which your slave tries to get you to do something during a
session that you have not agreed to before – this is a no no. You
need to stop the session and start a conversation, fully clothed.
This conversation needs to be as open as possible in order to learn
what your slave needs from you and what you are willing to provide
for them. If the conversation is spontaneous, you might need some
time to think things over before you go back to your slave with an
answer – and this okay. Starting the conversation is the most
important part and the way you will begin to consider what happens

Trying It Out

For some Dominants, you may be perfectly willing to try something
new, just to see if it works. You might create some sort of
conditional arrangement, or even add a clause to your slave
contract, in order to show the slave you are just trying this out
and this may not be a part of what you two do together in the
future if it doesn’t work. After all, you might not enjoy what the
slave wants and your slave may not actually enjoy it once they try
it. While you might be the owner of your slave, it isn’t a bad
thing to allow for some creativity and adjustments to your
relationship – it might just add a new level of BDSM fun.

The Case for Saying No

On the other hand, if you’re a Dominant that completely lets their
slave walk all over them, you have a bigger problem than just not
liking what your slave wants to do. If you think about the request
from your slave and you think it’s just not something you want to
do, go ahead and say no. This will show you what the slave really
wants from your relationship sometimes. For example, if your slave
becomes petulant after not getting their way, you will see that
your slave is trying to control you. Perhaps it’s time for you to
step up your Dominant ways. On the other hand, if the slave goes
back to the way they were, without any regret for your
relationship, you will see that they simply did want to try
something new, not to try to control your actions.

There may come a time in your relationship when your slave wants to
try something new. And while you might not like the idea at first,
there’s no harm in trying since you can always go back to the way
things were. But in the end, it’s up to you what you do – that’s
why you wear the big boots in the relationship, after all.

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