Switching Things Up

Hi Mistress Sophia and Master Bishop,

I am new to being a Mistress and while I love Dominating a man,
some day I just don’t feel like being Dominant. Sometimes I want
to give up control and be submissive. Is that ok?

Thank you for all your information, it has been very helpful.


Mistress Dee, Dallas


Sometimes, you just want to put your feet up. Sometimes, you don’t
want to be calling all the shots and making sure your sub is doing
everything right all the time. Sometimes, a Dom/me just wants to be
controlled…right? Though many people think you have to be one way
or the other, more Dom/mes than ever are switching things up and
letting their subs take them for a ride once in a while too. Want
to be tied up and spanked by your sub? Here’s how.

Changing the Idea of Control

When it comes to submission, you need to realize that it’s not
about giving up control; it’s about being in control. Whenever
you’re in the submission role, you’re able to control your
experience within the guidelines you set up ahead of time. As a
Dominant, you might want to think of subbing as not only a way to
relax, but also a way to learn about the experience of your sub.
When you relinquish your control to them, you can learn what they
want and what they need from you. In addition, if you tell your
slave to dominate you, this can simply be another fun way for you
to play out your BDSM relationship.

Approaching Your Sub

If you’ve already setup the guidelines for your BDSM relationship,
things will need to change a bit when you want the roles to shift
from time to time. You will want to sit down with your sub
(outside of the bedroom) and talk about what you need. If you
already have a strong relationship, chances are good that your sub
will simply want to serve you in any way they can. But at the same
time, you need to be prepared for the fact that the sub might not
be comfortable in that role. And you might need to go elsewhere
for that submission you crave.

In the end, you need to be honest about what you need, but you also
need to realize that you’re shifting the dynamic. But by talking
things over, you will most likely be able to come to some sort of
arrangement that satisfies everyone.

Balancing Act in the Bedroom

If your sub is up to the task of controlling you, chances are good
that this won’t be a difficult change to make in the bedroom. What
you might want to do is to have a signal or a codeword that tells
the both of you who will be in charge each night. As the Dom/me,
you might leave it to your discretion to create the scene’s roles
for the night – this way, you still maintain your primary role,
while your sub is under your command, as it were.

In terms of keeping things balanced, you might want to try to keep
the roles fairly the same, with you still dominating more than your
partner does, as this will help to keep your primary relationship
rules in tact.

Is It Normal?

If someone were to ask you if it were normal to change your mind,
you would immediately say yes, wouldn’t you? When you want to
switch roles in your BDSM relationship, it’s not an abnormal thing.
Many people like to consider themselves switches that fluctuate
between roles as this not only fulfills all of their needs and
turn-ons, but it also allows them to understand the two roles more
fully. Think of being a switch as having extended education for
your BDSM relationship.

You don’t have to have one role if you don’t want to – that’s the
thing you should take away from this article. After all, variety
is the spice of life and when you keep things varied, you can keep
everyone on their toes.

If you are looking for more ways to enhance your private play and
expand your current relationship

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Mistress Sophia
Master Bishop

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