Gas Mask Play

At some point, you may have found a BDSM video that included a gas mask as another way to control a slave. There is something creepy about the mask, something that distorts the face and causes the scene to go from normal to slightly strange. With this introduction of the rubber gas mask, even the familiar scenes in a BDSM relationship can be more intense and they can lead to more submissiveness from a slave. But to ensure you’re using the gas mask as best as you can, here are some tips and ideas to consider.

The Creepy Factor

Rubber Gas Mask
Rubber Gas Mask

Above all else, what appeals to some about the gas mask is its creepiness. It’s not only a way to gag and to blindfold a slave, but also the connotations of war and of not being safe can inflict psychological control. Once the mask is put onto the slave, the slave will no longer be able to feel as though they are in the same room as the Master or Mistress. They will be cut off from the world, making them have to listen to their own thoughts and worries, instead of being able to just focus on what’s happening around them. This is a good way to test their focus and resolve.

In addition, the slave that has to look at himself or herself in the mask will have the idea that their submissiveness is complete. They will see someone else in the mirror and they will act differently.

Finding a Gas Mask

You can find gas masks in a variety of shops and settings. While going to the typical BDSM supply store is the best starting point, know that you can also find vintage masks at antique stores and garage sales. In addition, heading to military supply stores is a good idea. The only trick with buying these masks secondhand is that you might not know how clean they are or if they’ve actually been used in a chemical setting. To be certain, it’s often best to buy a gas mask new, as this will ensure that you are only using a mask that contains air, even if it’s much less air than the slave is used to having access too. Learn more about these gas masks and hoods here

Ways to Play with a Gas Mask

You might want to use the gas mask as a sign of control in a scene. By placing the mask on the slave right when they walk in the door, they will no longer have the identity that they use during the rest of the day. Instead, they will become a faceless, speechless ‘thing.’ Some BDSM relationships will use the mask as a sign that the partner who is the slave is no longer in control. In addition, you can use the mask in high intensity scenes, such as interrogation scenes or in scenes where the slave is completely bound. With the added intensity of not being able to see well or to smell or to talk, this can focus the slave’s experiences on their genitals and other sensitive areas.

When you’re thinking about adding a gas mask to your BDSM play, realize that it’s not only the slave that can wear this mask. A Master or Mistress who wears this mask becomes more anonymous and creepy too, making the slave feel on edge. It takes away the familiarity of the Dominant and it can take away the ability of the slave to read the face of the Dominant to see what they might do next.

Genuine Gas Mask

In either case, the gas mask is simply a way to change the energy of a scene, and to change it from ‘normal’ to abnormal in just a few moments.


Master Bishop


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  1. This frightens me so much. i have such a fear of suffocation. i’m fairly certain wearing anything that covers my head, face and mouth would cause me to panic however the thought of Master wearing one during a scene is intriguing.

    Thank you Master Bishop, for sharing this information, and for introducing me to an interesting play dynamic


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