How to Be a Good Slave When You’re Sick

Chances are high that at some point of slave training, you will get sick. And when you’re sick, you might not have the ability to call ‘off’ from your slave duties. In order to make sure you are still being a good slave and doing what your Dom/me wants you to do, here are some ways to handle the inevitable scene where you’re the victim of germs which are more dangerous than your Dominant can be.

How Sick Are You?

This is something you must figure out for yourself before you speak to your Dom/me. Only you truly know how you feel, so you must be honest with yourself about whether or not you can perform your duties appropriately. If you just have the sniffs, then you probably could just suck it up. However if you are very sick and not able to even get out of bed, well pushing yourself to serve is only going to endanger you.

Serving should not be the first thing on your mind, your safety and well being should also be a priority. If you don’t feel like you can safely perform your duties then you need to be honest with yourself.

Speak Up

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid getting the latest bug in town, no matter what you do. The first thing you need to do is to talk to your Dom/me. They might very well tell you to stay in bed so that you can emerge a stronger slave when you’re done. And this also gives the Dominant a chance to say no to you and to say no to your germs. You might also find this starts a good conversation about whether sickness is a reason to cancel or to reschedule a session. Talk with your Dom/me about the symptoms you are having, careful not to over-exaggerate how you are feeling. This will allow the Dom/me to determine if certain activities they had planned will still be able to go on. For example, if you can’t breathe through your nose, a gag is going to be a bad idea. Take a minute or two to check in with your Dominant as soon as you realize that you’re sick – preferably before the session – so that you can both determine what needs to happen next.

A Dominant should always respect your opinion on such a matter. If you don’t feel like you can serve, then they should be more then happy to give you the rest you need and even offer to help you get back on the mend. If a Dom/me refuses to listen and is adamant about you serving while ill, then you need to take some time to consider if you want to continue being with such an unsympathetic person. Remember there is a difference between a slave driver and a selfish asshole. You are a human being and you deserve to be given that respect, especially during times of weakness.

Do Your Best in the Scene

If you end up going into the scene anyway with your sickness, the best advice is to make sure you’re doing your best. You will still need to do what your Dom/me wants you to do and while you might not feel 100%, this may also be a valuable lesson. Sometimes when slaves are pushed hard during times of illness, they can perform better than they might when they are well. Why is this? This is due to the fact that a slave who has to work harder is one that is often working harder than they might try when they are well and illness free. By showing your Dominant that you are willing to still fight through your sickness, you will also make a strong impression on your work ethic and on your submission to your Master or Mistress.

Know Your Limits

At the same time, if you are running a high fever or your stomach is upset, it might be a good idea to be clear as to what your limits are. If you simply are not well enough to go on, you need to be ready and you need to be willing to say this to your Dom/me, even if you’re in the middle of a scene. Speak up and let your Dominant know that you absolutely can not do anything more. This way, your Dom/me isn’t hurting you and you’re not hurting yourself by not speaking up. You’re not a machine, after all – no matter what you might think your role is.

A good slave is going to get sick and in these times, you can choose to push yourself harder than you might otherwise. While this is a good lesson, there may be times when you are unable to do anything more or even be in a scene. It happens. You’re human. And you can always make up for the scene when you’re feeling better.


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Master Bishop


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1 thought on “How to Be a Good Slave When You’re Sick”

  1. A Dom is nothing without his submissive/slave. It goes both ways. If the submissive/slave is too ill to peform, then the Dom should treasure his property enough to let them recuperate. This is always subject to interpretation, but if a Submissive/slave is not able to perform to the Dom’s goals, then it will only end in disappointment and the end result is not a positive one. What are the benefits of such an arrangement?

    susan sub

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