Make Your Submissive Work Harder

When you’ve been working with a slave for a long time, they might begin to think they can get away with anything. And if you let them get away with being lazy, then it’s really your fault. Thankfully, there are many ways you can begin to get your slave back on track and working hard for their Master/Mistress. After all, you will want to have your slave actually work to please you, not just sit around and enjoy the benefits of being in your presence.

Warn Your Slave

The moment you begin to notice that your slave isn’t performing the way they should be, they deserve to have a warning – but only one warning. Sit your slave down in front of you, look them in the eye, and tell them that you are not happy. This should be done outside of the bedroom or dungeon, where there are no distractions. You will want to let them know that if they do not improve their behavior that you will need to find another slave. Create a time limit for them to get back on track and then dismiss them to think about what they have done – or haven’t done, as the case may be.

Increase the Training

You need to start pushing your slave harder than you have before as this will ensure they are working at their limits. You will want to increase the training sessions you have, if possible, or look for ways to make them more efficient:

* Have more drills: If your slave has been slacking on things like positions and other simple commands, then you need to drill them on these. These are the things slaves hate to do anyway, but when you want your slave to be the best, they need to know the simplest things as well as the more difficult tasks.

*Teach more commands: Have more commands for your slave to learn. No only will the newness be challenging, but they will also need to remember the old commands more quickly.
Increase the repetition: When you are testing your slave to see if they are trying hard, continue to repeat the same things again and again. While this might not be as exciting as you like, it will allow you to see if your slave tries to continue to please, even when things get boring.

* Use harder tools: Yes, it’s time to get out the whips instead of the crops. You need to test your slave’s devotion by seeing how tough they can be (within the predetermined limits).

Decrease the Pleasure

Want to motivate a slave? Take away the thing that brings them back again and again: pleasure. Whether your slave derives pleasure from praise or from sexual satisfaction, you need to get rid of both for a while to see just how hard they are going to work. Do they work hard to please you or to get something from you? That’s what you’re trying to determine. If they don’t even try to please you, then that means they’re just not interested in you anymore. And you should dismiss them. If they are willing to spend weeks proving to you that they are going to work harder, then they are worth the extra effort you will expend.

No matter what happens, you will find your slave’s interest always ebbs and flows. But with these tips, you can get them back on track. You can always make your slave work harder than they are right now – and they will be as pleased with themselves as you are with them.


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Master Bishop

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1 thought on “Make Your Submissive Work Harder”

  1. I thoroughly agree on increasing training commands as this is the basic communication link for both Dom/me and slave.

    1. How much leniency should be considered (tolerated, allowed), when the the female slave in on her period?

    2. Should Dom/me’ lighten slave’s schedule to accommodate slave’s period.

    3. Is her period a good time to try new scenes that would take advantage of this time? For example; during my slave’s fertile years, she was in open agreement for vaginal intercourse, since there was no fear of pregnancy.
    And so, Dom took full advantage of slaves’s period time by enjoying a multitude of these great scheduled pleasures.

    4. Also, if a slave has extra time, it is a perfect opportunity to accomplish the following:
    a. Learning Sexercise routines to pleasure her Dom/me’; this is not only pleasurable to the Dom/me’ but maintains body health and endurance for both slave and Dom/me’.
    b. Train the slave with specific massaging instructions for a 30 to 60 minute relaxing / sensual massage.
    c. Bring slave into the shower to lather, scrub & rinse Dom/me’ and participate in water sports as Dom/me’ desires. This is good slave training in obedience and submission as well as additional humiliation.

    Thank you for your article as it is very thought provoking in working with a slave’s idle time.
    Dom Francisco

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