Spring Cleaning Your Dungeon Or Play Space

Every now and then, you need to change things up. And when you’re satisfied with the training, you need to think about how you can spruce up your environment so that the training can be more effective. Cleaning your play room might be just the thing to turn your training into a more effective process, even if nothing else changes. And its always a good idea to clean up your room and toys, to avoid unnecessary issues that could harm the health of anyone who plays in the area.

Clear Away the Old

When you first start cleaning up your dungeon, start by removing any of the old toys that you don’t need or don’t use anymore. If you haven’t been using it, chances are good that you won’t be using it any time soon. You can throw them away and remove them entirely, or you can put them into a special box and store them away for a while. In six months, if you still haven’t used those stored toys, then it might be time to get rid of them completely. And when you do so, think about why you’re not using them so you don’t spend money on those types of toys again.

Replace the Used Toys

On the other hand, there may be a number of toys that you have in your dungeon that you use so often that they’re starting to wear out. This is a common practice, especially in a long-term BDSM relationship. When this occurs, you need to find the same kinds of toys, and possibly more durable toys so you can continue to use them for longer. For example, if you find that dildos are getting a good workout in your training sessions, then you need to look into more durable dildos made from silicone, glass or maybe even metal. All of these are easier to clean and last longer. Check out these for highly durable silicone, glass and metal pleasure toys If you’ve been using pleather in your training, then switch up to real leather for more resilience and longevity. If you are finding your floggers are starting to fray and handles wearing down, then replace them with individually designed high quality leather floggers

Sanitize Your Dungeon

Once you’ve removed the things you don’t use and you’ve replaced the toys you do use, then you need to sanitize the space so you’re starting off fresh. Cleaning your dungeon/play space should not be left for once a year. This should be a regular occurrence after each play session.

You can use natural cleaners like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (separately) on the surfaces. These will have the lowest amount of allergic reactions, or you can use more hardy cleaners that are designed specifically for medical sanitation. Clean all of the surfaces, as well as the walls and the floor to ensure that everything is ready to be used, without fear of germs. Also using a steam cleaner will help to remove any grunge, the high temperature of the steam helps to kill pathogens as well. While none of these are perfect cleaning techniques by themselves, a combination of all of them will greatly help to cleanse your space of most pathogens.

At the bare minimum, you should be cleaning out your dungeon to make sure that you’re in a space that is clean and free from dangers as a part of your training contract. In relationships where the room isn’t one that is visited often, you can even make cleaning the space a part of the training sessions. A slave who is able to clean a room to their Master or Mistress’ specifications will learn the art of discipline and keep their training space usable at all times.

As a side note, when you begin to clean your room and you notice there are fabric surfaces that aren’t able to be cleaned with traditional sprays and rags, it might be time to replace these surfaces with a fabric that can be cleaned more regularly and easily. Over time, you can have a sterile space in which you and your partner can both feel comfortable to enjoy all of your BDSM kinks in. For more durable and higher quality tools check out these BDSM toys and bondage gear.


Master Bishop


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