The True Beauty Of Submission

The true beauty of submission

So many people view BDSM and Dom/sub relationships to be these dark evil lifestyle choices, that strips one person of all their power, choice and freedoms.  This in fact could not be further from the truth.

I believe the problem might be that many people view these images through their own eyes.  They assume that a person must be under severe duress to do any kind of submissive act, because they personally would need to be forced under duress to do such a subservient act.  What they are forgetting is that this world includes a variety of different people. Each individual enjoys life different and as long as those interests are legal then they are free to enjoy them.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

A Dom/sub relationship is meant to be a healthy loving supportive relationship between two consenting adults.  While one person may see the submissive as powerless, most if not all submissives see their submissive activities as empowering.  It takes an incredibly strong person to absolutely trust another person so as to become completely vulnerable.  *(Nor should you make yourself that vulnerable or trust so completely to just anybody.)

One person views submission as the elimination of choice, while many submissives believe it is the ultimate choice.  BDSM is not forced slavery, every person that enters into a Dom/sub relationship in this day and age does so of their own free will.  With all the choices a free person has, the fact that they choose to serve another is breathtaking.

Just because it is not a choice that you would choose, does not mean you can criticize another for their choice.  Do W/we all not search for meaning in O/our lives?  To find something that feels natural, makes U/us happy and comes freely?

For many submissives, serving allows them freedom from their own ego, and self.  A state of enlightenment millions of people struggle to achieve.

To Your Continued Journey,

Master Bishop


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1 thought on “The True Beauty Of Submission”

  1. Thank you Master Bishop for these powerful words.

    i am often times so puzzled by people’s reactions to anyone’s choice to serve another. i and millions and millions and millions of other people have actually in some manner been conditions to do just that from a very young age.

    i have been in service of one type or another to an entity that i have never actually met, or spoken with. Yet i was taught that i should behave in a certain manner and follow specific rules, show gratitude and humility in His presence, worship and trust Him. The rewards for such service and dedication; He will provide for all your needs… Trust in Me and I will bring you peace. Does this sound familiar to anyone but me?

    Serving my God is just one of many choices; i have made in my life to serve or to be in service to. Why is it no one questions me or my right to blindly serve a “Spiritual being” i have never met? No one looks strangely at the adornment that hangs around my neck to represent my love and devotion and belonging. No one questions my sanity, will or strength when i fall to my knees in obedient worship.

    Serving Master is another choice i have made. i met Him, spent time learning who He was, what He wanted from a relationship with me. He told me of His expectations, protocols, and rules. He spent time learning about my needs and desires. He saw my potential and my challenges. He accepted me just the same. He was clear about what was required. Follow the rules; behave in a particular manner, show obedience and respect. Be humble and graceful and show gratitude at all times. Above all be open and truthful in all things. The reward for such service and dedication; He will provide for all my needs… He will earn my trust and He will keep me safe.

    i wear the gift of Master’s collar to show my love, dedication, obedience and trust. i kneel at His feet in gratitude for all He does to provide for all my needs. i am not crazy, weak or without free will or choice.

    Actually trusting and worshiping blindly seems a bit more risky to me…

    i am empowered and confident and completely at peace when kneeling in at the feet of the God, or Master i have chosen to serve.

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I have been rereading your book over and over, each time I learn something new.


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