Locking Bondage Belt With Male Model

You Will Not Cum Without Permission Slave

“Present yourself, slave”

Standing just inside the door way, he immediately began removing his clothes as quickly but as gracefully as possible. He knew she was watching his every move and he wanted to ensure everything he did was pleasing to her.

Once naked, he clasped the collar around his neck, clipping the leash onto the D-ring. Coming to his knees he, making sure to keep his eyes on her feet, he slowly raised his leash offering it to his Mistress. He waited patiently for what seemed likes hours staying a still as possible as he desperately fought every desire to get just one glance of his Mistress.

Finally he felt the weight of the leash in his hand ease, as a strong pull on his collar told him his Mistress was ready for him to follow. Coming to all fours, he allowed the tug of the leash and the allure of her feet to guide him.

She lead him down the hall, each door hiding an infinite possibility of devious delights. Today, she was heading to the main door at the end of the hall will purpose and a shiver ran up his spin. It transferred to the leash and his Mistress laughed without even looking in his direction.

“Today you are going to do all the work, while I get to relax.”

“Whatever you desire, Mistress.”

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Opening the heavy wooden door, it swung open to reveal a treasure trove of BDSM delights. He felt his pathetic lil cock instantly become erect.

“Stop and open your mouth” she said in a strict tone.

He immediately obeyed without even thinking. Coming to instructional position on his knees, hands behind his back, eyes cast down, with his mouth wide open. The leather handle of the leash was stuff into mouth.

“Hold, slave!”

He gently closed his mouth down on the leash with his lips to hold the leash for his Mistress. Using his teeth might leave marks and he wanted to treat his Mistress’ gear with respect and appreciation.

He waited patiently to please his Mistress, his Owner, his muse. He desperately tried to take in all the sights through his peripheral vision, and inhaled all the different aromas that floated through the air. This was his fantasy theme park of pleasure. The only place where he could truly be himself, where he could be fully owned, fully submissive, fully captured by her.

During this time, he tried to keep his mind still, as she had instructed so many times before. He tried to keep his mind empty of expectation and desire. After all, he was hers to command. And what she wanted was what he would be expected to do – without question.

She curled her finger and coaxed him further into the room. He remained on all fours, subservient and submissive as he crawled towards her. He would not do anything else unless she commanded.

“My pet, you are mine, are you not?”

“Yes, Mistress” He muffled as he kept the leash in his mouth, his gaze mesmerized over her thigh high black leather boots. His cock throbbed, as pre-cum dripped from the head of his tiny cock.

Red and bristled carpet was slightly hard on his knees. The rug burn was a familiar and welcome feeling and he soon found himself at coffee table.

“Slave, you are not able to control your impulses, are you? You are not strong enough to know how to behave, and thus you must be taught by Me, your Mistress.”

His heartbeat quickened, his body felt flush and he started to sweat in anticipation.

“Bend yourself of the table and close your eyes.”

He slowly placed his chest and head down on the table as he remained on his knees. As he did, he let the darkness of his eyelids carry him away from his own desire. All he could feel was her body getting closer and closer to him.

Locking Bondage Belt With Male ModelA clinking sound, then a smooth strap wrapped around his waist. He recognized the belt, the one that had a lock at the front to keep him reminded of who owned him completely. Attaching a cuff on each wrist, his arms will immobilized to his waist. There was no give, no space, no way to escape unless with her help.

But she didn’t help. She let him linger.

“Spread your legs, slave!”

He separated his ankles to give his Mistress full and complete access to her slave body. While his legs were not bound, he knew this was her favorite position and that was where he needed to keep his position.

“Good, pet. Good.” He could almost hear her smile, but with his eyes still closed, he was not about to look.

With a quick move, she slathered some lube across his cock. Her touch was surprising yet firm. And before he could start to get aroused even more, he felt a large sleeve being slipped over his skin.

It was huge, he could tell from the weight that caused him to hang down from the chair. He almost moved to adjust the weight, but he knew that would be forbidden.

“Can you feel me touching you, pet?”

He could tell she was stroking the sleeve, but he could not feel anything.

“No, Mistress.”

The Automatic Milker Machine Close Up Of Large Cylinder“Good, you don’t deserve My touch after last time do you?”

“No, Mistress.”

“You are not going to cum tonight. No matter how much you might like to.”

“Yes Mistress, as you command.”

“We need to make up for the last time you came without My permission.”

He remembered how disappointed she was in him. How ashamed he was for not being able to control himself. She had left him covered in his own cover to think about what a pathetic lil pet he was.

She continued to stroke the penis sleeve, again and again, and while he wanted to feel her hands on his skin, he knew he didn’t deserve it. With his eyes closed, he could picture her taking the sleeve off and putting him deep inside of her.

But she was calculating this.

With the flick of a switch the sleeve covering his cock sprang to life. It form perfectly around his cock as it tugged on his shaft. Just as suddenly the sleeve let go sliding back up his fast. On and on this continued, he felt as though his cock was being sucked and sucked again and again. The pleasure was so intense he didn’t even notice the machine pumping away. As the sleeve was taking in his whole member and causing the waves of ecstasy to flow through his body.

She teased his body by speeding up the sucking motion bringing him close to orgasm and just as he started moaning and rocking with the motion, she would slow it down.

“Oh do you want to cum, My slave?

“No Mistress, not without your permission.”

“Good because I’m just getting started. Try to spread your ass cheeks with your hands”

He desperately struggled to do as she commanded, with his hands bound it was a pathetic attempt and she laughed as she watch. With his ass as wide as he could manage, he heard a squirt and felt the cold lube as it landed on his asshole. His Mistress massage the lube around his asshole and slide one and then two fingers into his anus so he was ready.

The Master Sex Machine HorizontalHe began breathing faster as he became overly excited about the idea of his Mistress’ cock inside of him. The sucking machine continued to suck back and forth on his cock. He felt his cock filling up with more and more blood, pushing him closer to cumming. He focused on his breathing, desperate to slow it down in an effort to relax his body. If he were to cum without permission this time he may never be allowed to pleasure his Mistress again.

He felt the head of her dildo pressing his asshole and he instinctively pushed back against it as he relaxed his anus for her easier use. His hole was small and tight and had only recently been put to use by his Mistress. When the head of the dildo slipped inside, he let out a massive moan followed by a “Thank you, Mistress” that instinctively escaped his lips.

The dildo was slowly pressed through into his Mistress’ slave hole. Then to his amazement he heard footsteps coming around in front of him, but the dildo was still in his ass.

“Open your eyes, slave.”

He did as she commanded, to see his Mistress’ face just inches away from his.

“I told you, you didn’t deserve My touch today and that you were going to do all the work.”

Confused he replied “Yes, Mistress.”

“Let’s get you working.”BDSM Toy Shop More Powerful Experiences

And with that she came around behind him and turn on the fucking machine. At first it began slowly, pushing the dildo into this little slave pussy and then it pulled it almost out.

His Mistress stood beside him watching as his body convulsed from the penetration and simultaneous sucking. His body was burning hot, his cock swollen and engorged like never before, his asshole desperately stretch over the dildo and his mind was screaming to resist the urge to cum.

“Look at Me, pet.”

He turned his face to look at her and saw her relaxing in her Goddess chair with her feet up. She had a grin on her face and was clearly amused at this struggle. She played his body through the controls like a master musician would play their instrument. Speeding them up and slowing them down depending on his reactions and sounds. His body being used for her amusement, and all he could do was take it as he struggled against his bondage.

“Don’t you dare try to forget who you are serving.”

“Never Mistress” he moaned

Just when he thought he would not be able to take anymore, his Mistress turned up the intensity. The sucking raised to a rapid pace and the dildo was pound his ass harder and faster with each stroke.

Without even realizing it, his moans of pleasure turned into pleads for his Mistress to stop. He begged her to stop, any longer and he would not be able to resist cumming. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, his asshole tighten around the dildo, the head of his cock throbbed uncontrollably.

His pleases quickly turned to pathetic little whimpers as his Mistress looked on in amusement and smiled.

“Cum for Me now, pet!”

With that his whole body let go of days of tension. Everything came flooding out as he screamed “Thank you Mistress.” Before finally collapsing on the table completely spent and exhausted.

When he came too, his Mistress was standing over him “You were successful, pet.”

He smiled before collapsing into a heap on the floor. Happy to have pleased his Mistress.

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