Working with an Inexperienced Master

Maybe you’ve just gotten back to the BDSM world and you’re trying to find a new Master to serve. You’ve looked around BDSM dating sites and you’ve been talking to a guy who is more than willing to dominate you. It’s exciting. It’s refreshing. And you are ready to submit completely to this man. But when you finally meet up in person, you realize that his online persona is much more aggressive than he is in person. So what do you do? As the slave, it seems wrong to control the situation, but if you’re not getting what you want out of the situation, then what else can you do?

Deciding Who’s in Control

Every slave has been in a situation when they’ve felt like their Master hasn’t been doing all they can to control their submissive. It happens. Why? Many Masters are afraid of hurting their slaves, and this is probably because they’ve accidentally hurt someone in the past. Instead of simply hoping the Master will perk up, you need to sit down with each other to have a frank discussion about what you want from the relationship and what they want from the relationship. Chances are good that you both want the same thing, but letting the Master know that you can take a lot of training will allow them to feel more at ease in their role.

Training Your Master?

When you decided you wanted to be a slave, you gave up control of what happened in the bedroom. And that’s exactly what you want to do. But when your Master isn’t quite up to the task, it can feel as though you’re the Mistress – and you don’t want that role. So, is it really up to you to train your Master or should you be patient? Some would say that talking to a Master about what you want and then seeing how things go is the best way to avoid having to train your Master, but if that doesn’t work, then you might have to take another approach.

How to Be Submissive When Your Master Isn’t Dominant

No matter what your Master does or doesn’t do, take this new Master as a learning opportunity to be as patient and as submissive as possible in your role. Instead of leading your Master to what they need to do, simply wait until they have learned what they need to learn, until they do what you feel they should be doing. Listen to all of the commands and try to be as energetic as possible. Over time, your Master will realize just how much power he COULD exert over you, if only he’d try a little harder.

Should You Give Him a Chance?

As a slave, you might have found there are many more slaves on the market than there are available Masters. With this in mind, you might be tempted to wait things out with your hesitant Master as there really isn’t anyone else who wants to play with you. But this doesn’t mean that it’s your job to train anyone else – that’s not what you signed up for. What you will want to do is to try to see if things will work out, but if they don’t seem to improve after a certain period of time, it might be time to look for a Master who can truly control you.

Slaves shouldn’t settle for any old Master. If you want to be trained, you need someone who is up to the task. While every Master starts out without any knowledge, this doesn’t mean that you need to wait for them to learn.


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Master Bishop

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1 thought on “Working with an Inexperienced Master”

  1. My Master and I are Gorean, and often I have heard how much they are different. True. But in serving a Master (Dominant Male Personality) and in being a kajira, aka slave girl (Extremely Submissive or True Slave Female Personality), I have found most of your training e-mails to be helpful in some fashion. Especially mentally! Please keep this excellent resource coming along! I am planning to share more broadly your site and the things I have learned there. I do have friends who are strictly BDSM and this e-mail service has helped me to understand and enjoy the differences.

    Thank You so very much, Master Bishop!


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