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BDSM Fear Play with submissive on their knees and gagged

Fear Play in BDSM: How to Scare Your Partner Without Freaking Them Out

A lot of submissives enjoy feeling a degree of fear during BDSM. They get a thrill from the rush of anticipation, intensity, and suspense in the same way others might while skydiving or watching horror movies. A sexual experience that feels dangerous, but not so dangerous that we’ll walk away harmed or traumatized, can be an exciting adventure when shared in a controlled environment with a dom we admire. Going through an emotion-charged journey like that together can also strengthen the bonds of affection and trust.

Submissive Task: Create Your Life

Before You Start As a submissive, you have every right to refuse any task you do not want to take part in. You never have to do anything you are uncomfortable, and/or unsure about. Just because you are submissive does not mean you must do anything you don’t want to do. That includes this task! Your participation is always your choice and your decision. Know …

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Remembering Relationship in BDSM Dynamics

In my years in BDSM, I have been blessed to experience 5 relationship dynamics. These dynamics spanned both the vanilla and kink worlds. We knew each other at a basic level, at an intimate level, and, of course, at a kink level. We cared about more than just how well we did impact play together, or how great our Shibari looked. We cared about each …

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Informed Consent Before You Play With BDSM

What’s Informed Consent and Why Is It Important In BDSM?

The word ‘consent’ comes up constantly in conversations about kink. People often tout it as the core element that separates BDSM from abuse. While this is true, the word by itself doesn’t go far enough to help practitioners, especially those just starting out, protect themselves and one another from potential problems.

The term ‘informed consent’ was first used in the medical field and is considered fundamental to ethics and laws regarding patient rights. It describes the process that requires doctors to provide information about possible side effects and other risks before they elicit permission to provide a particular treatment.

Submissive helping their Dominant To Become More Comfortable With BDSM

8 Ways to Help Your Dom Feel Comfortable Exploring BDSM More Deeply

We often like to think of doms as the sexy, invincible superheroes of our fantasies. To be led through our BDSM journey by someone calm, confident, and in charge puts us at ease, allowing us to open up and explore in spite of our nervousness or vulnerability. The reality, of course, is that dom-identifying kinksters are human like the rest of us and need help along the way from time to time. If you’re a submissive looking to take your dynamic to a deeper level, here are 8 ways you can help your dom feel comfortable as they lead the way.

Domestic Discipline Dusting

Domestic Discipline: The Not So Talked About Dynamic

When you hear Domestic Discipline what do you picture? Perhaps it’s the image of Lucy laid across Ricky’s lap from the good ole’ airings of I Love Lucy. Or perhaps you think it is vanilla people’s way to get kinky. Or maybe you have no idea so to be sarcastic you just say discipline that happens domestically. All three of these answers are equally correct, and also wrong at the same time.

Annabelle Genovisi As Kitten In Pet Play

Introducing Your Pet To Your Dynamic

Before you can partake in your pet play proclivities, you need to properly introduce your pet into your dynamic. It is never a good idea to show up in full pet costume, growling on all fours as you fight the bottom of their pant leg. This can be shocking even to the most experienced kinkster.  So to potential avoid rejection and/or hurt feelings on both …

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Intro To Pet Play In BDSM

Intro To Pet Play In BDSM

Pet play or Animal Roleplay is way more common than one may think, especially these days where many fetishes that used to be considered taboo are becoming much more commonly accepted.

If you have ever felt that flutter at the idea of becoming a four legged ball of fun, but don’t know how to start or really know what to do or how to incorporate this into your life, here is some shared perspective that hopefully will help you along your journey!

Common Misconceptions Of Brats In BDSM

Common Misconceptions Of Brats In BDSM

During my time in BDSM, and especially my time expressing my more bratty side, I have heard a lot of misconceptions about brats. A lot of people think we need more training, are just topping for the bottom, or even that we do not belong in BDSM. A lot of these myths come from a lack of understanding about the relationship between a Dominant and their brat, and the unique connection they have. The only way to allow for more understanding is to challenge these misconceptions which, lucky for you all, a brat like me loves doing.

Setting Up Dom Sub Relationship For Success

10 Tips to Set Up a New D/s Relationship for Success

The beginning of a relationship is a fragile time. One or both partners may still be on the fence as they learn each other’s quirks, preferences, triggers, world views, and all the rest. The first few intimate encounters usually involve some level of stress, regardless of how smoothly or erotically those sessions unfold. We want to think of falling in love as a magical process, …

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