BDSM Hogtie Pleasures

Heightened Hogtie Pleasures

As a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist, I counsel individuals and couples in overcoming barriers they may be experiencing with orgasm. Guiding individuals through experiences to ensure that they experience their best orgasm.

In BDSM different positions can be utilized to not only bring on a different state of mind, but different types of orgasms and sensations that can release a new kind of energy and pleasure.

A very popular bondage position players could end up in is a hogtie position at some point in play. This position is awesome for access to three orgasms that are sure to drive them crazy. Whether you are using a dildo, penis, hairbrush or vegetable, you can stimulate the A spot, the G spot and of course anal.

The Hogtie Position

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The great thing about most of the BDSM gear on the market is that it provides access to every possible orifice and a few crevices you can create. Being able to wear something comfortable enough through an entire scene is important. It allows you to keep your head in the play and enjoy all the pleasures you should be experiencing. Knowing a little bit about various orgasms puts you in a position to have different types of lessons to learn. I want to do what I do best and talk about the orgasms that work best in a hogtie position. Not withstanding oral, the A and G spots and the anus can deliver lots of pleasure and fun.

The pleasures of a bound hogtieIn the hogtie the receiver is either faced down with their arms behind their back, their knees are bent, bringing the ankles close enough to the wrist that you can tie them together.

You can also have the receiver sit up and tie the wrist and ankles together from the front. These are really stay put positions. Two that allow the giver to have accessibility to the vagina/penis and anal openings in a dominant role.

It’s important to play with a safeword, safecall or touch that is going to put a stop to any activity you do not wish to participate in. Be sure you have a safecall which is both audible and physical when using a ball gag or hindering verbal communication in any way.

The A-Spot

The anterior fornix erogenous zone, or A-spot, is located inside the vagina on the upper wall, and it swells lightly as the person gets aroused. It is located 5 to 7 inches in and is really the area that rests between the space of the tips of the internal clitoral legs.

Enter the receiver with your pointer and middle fingers from behind, palm facing down. Move your fingers downward in a come-hither motion as they stimulate the space. The A spot responds well to lubed strokes and the circular or swiping motion of loose fingers.

Start slow and increase speed as the receiver progresses through the stages of arousal. Be mindful of the amount of pressure you are pushing through your fingers and the angle at which you are entering. You want to be sure you are in the right spot so stay to the top of the vaginal wall. If you find yourself bumping the cervix, be careful that you are not causing pain.

For some, it can be painful and cause them not to like the position or act that you are performing. Try not to continuously bump into it. Orgasm from the A-spot is felt all over the body. It could be back-arching, toe-curling, and very vocal.

The spot can be stimulated with a vibrator. Pick one that will reach between 5 to 7 inches long. Some toys are designed for A-spot stimulation made with a slight curve and silicone material. When using it, keep the curved tip pointed toward the front of the vagina wall. Utilize the different settings to get the sensations you need for complete pleasure.

Another great type is a wand toy. This is an alternative toy for individuals who do not like to have vibration on their A spot. Usually, a curved wand will work well on the A and G spots.

The G-Spot

Submissive Waiting In HogtieThere is a difference between these two orgasms. One that exist because of the anatomy of the body. If a person with a vagina is born with Skene’s Gland, they can “squirt”, an intense, all-over body, convulsive orgasm that is accompanied or followed by ejaculation.

You will find that a squirting orgasm is even more pleasurable than the A spot orgasm. If making a mess is on your mind, put down a few towels beforehand. The fluid could be from two teaspoons to 2 cups, each person is different.

The ejaculate flows from the Skene’s Gland through the urethra tube and out of the urethra opening. The feeling of urinating is coming from the fluid passing through the urethra, you cannot pee and ejaculate at the same time. This is because the PC muscle controls the “release” of urine from the bladder or a seminal like fluid from the Skene’s Glands.

The G spot area is located within 2 to 3 inches at the entrance of the vagina at the top. You are stimulating the space that is between the connections of the internal clitoral legs. Super sensitive, thrilling nerve endings stimulating by a toy, fingers, or a penis at a certain force and speed can make the magic happen.

In the hogtie positions, the ability to hit this space just right is spot on. Paying attention to your speed and force, you can bring an individual to ejaculation.

This is what we need to understand about the creation of a G spot orgasm. You have got to build this orgasm up, it’s a process. The receiver must be extremely aroused and mindful of what their body is experiencing. They need to take the signs of arousal and allow the orgasm to wash over them. For instance, the feeling of having to pee is a sign that the orgasm is building, and they must learn to breathe through it. Relax into the sensation and allow their body to let go as the giver continues to provide the stimulation. The speed is rapid, short, curled tugs along with just enough force for the length of time it takes to make it happen.


Anal is for everybody but entry is where fear exist for most people. However, anal doesn’t have to be painful. When it comes to the community, anal is in. More individuals are having anal in the clubs. Anal play can include placing fingers, toys, or your tongue inside/around the anus. Placing a penis, dildo or other sex toy inside the anus or putting a hand inside of the anus (fisting) are all practices that you can master.

In the hogtie position you can place the receiver in a position where the anal opening is right where you need it to be. Whether you are standing or laying down as the giver; you can enter with power and control. Work out the balance so the play is safe.

Remember to put the lube on and in before you get into position, allow them to rest down on you or you thrust up to them, don’t do both unless your experienced.

The pain point is getting passed the ‘S’ curve at the end of the rectum. Taking in a deep breath and letting it out in a slow release as they enter is best. As the breath is released the deeper the giver should go. Find the rhythm that works for both of you, or all of you depending on what is happening. A face down position allows the clitoris to be stimulated at the same time.

I cannot stress it enough; the anus does not make its own lubrication so be sure to use lubrication. Use fresh condoms and gloves as well as wash your hands to avoid cross contamination. A dental dam can be an excellent blocker during oral-anal contact.

Submissive Hogtied For PleasureSafe play always, always, always requires lube. You may want to bring your own. Lube that works quite well is water-based. It’s free of stinging chemicals like glycerin and parabens and is compatible with all types of materials.

Although silicone lube it is NOT compatible with silicone toys, this lube is a great choice for anal sex with a partner, glass, metal, or wood toys. Silicone lube is extra slick and does not dry out as quickly as water-based lubes.

To use a prostate specific anal toy, you should angle the penis or toy up toward the P-spot. Once you comfortably are inside, gently angle it up, as if you’re reaching toward the penis through the pelvis. The receiver will feel extra full inside. They may have the urge to pee or orgasm. You may also enjoy masturbating or partnered stroking.

If you were born with a penis, then you have a P-spot or prostate inside of your rectum. It is about 3 inches into the anal canal, on the front wall towards the penis and is the size of a walnut.

Inflatable anal toys are a great choice for some. They operate like a balloon; you insert them while they are small and then pump it up with air to stretch the sphincters and muscle of the anal canal. Release the air by using the little valve until its back to its original size and slide it out gently.

Flared base toys are a MUST. Anything that you place up into your rectum should have a flared base that can always be held. Many items can be sucked inside of your anus. Your muscles will suck things up into your intestines which could be life threatening. Know that anytime you place something in, it must have a T-shaped base to hold it on the outside.

Vagina owners can place anal beads in as their vagina is being penetrated and penis owners can play with the beads while receiving oral or a hand job. They are small to medium sized and are super easy to use. Some or all the beads can vibrate for extra sensations during anal play.

Butt plugs are weighted vibrating or non-vibrating cone shaped toys. As expected, the tip is smaller than the end and this makes it easier to insert.

Each of these orgasms can be mind bending on their own but are even more intense when bound if restriction is your thing. Unable to move your arms or close your legs giving yourself fully to your Dom and allowing them to bring you orgasmic euphoria. This is possible with practice.

Orgasms through BDSM acts can bring you pleasure and a step closer to complete sexual satisfaction. Mind, body and spirit.

BDSM players credit the endorphins that come rushing through them as they act out their fantasies. Submissives call this mindset subspace. It is described as a floaty or flying feeling in which those endorphins are freely flooding the brain. Because they connect with our opiate receptors pain is relieved and pleasure supersedes.

Players need to be aware that subspace can really affect the ability to communicate and interpret their limits. When things are consensual and communicated between partners, sadomasochistic activity increases cortisol in subs and decreases it in a Dom in an ebb and flow throughout the scene.

The dom must be responsible for the follow through on the scene guidelines and whether consent is withdrawn or not. An act proven to increase the level of cortisol would be considered advanced play by some. So much fun can be had in these positions with these toys if they are explored correctly. Even better, they can be combined with other techniques to create a storm of multiple orgasms.

Debra Shade

By Debra Shade ACS, ABS

Debra Shade is a Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert who runs a private practice from Columbus, Ohio. Author of a series called The Sex Journals, she possesses an unmistakable charisma in her educational approach, transcending the convention of “workshops” and provides each participant with an instructional encounter. Shade has released Climax: The Power of Great Sex, a guide to your best orgasm. Full of tips and techniques to create, maintain and deliver great orgasmic experiences. Debra is the author of over 14 courses available at

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