Slave Vacuuming

The Forgotten Joy Of Domestic Submission

Slave Cleaning DishesWhen most subs think of submission, their minds tend to run wild with ideas of sexual service.  A firm hand grabbing a full head of hair, causing a sub to go weak in the knees.  Being eye to eye with their Dominant’s most precious appendage, the strongest urge to please their Dominant becomes the only thought in a sub’s mind.

Sexual service in submission is a common fantasy, because it is so sexually charged.  The arousal of pleasing a partner for some people is as satisfying as being able to climax from sexual stimulation itself.  In fact, some submissives can orgasm solely from being able to serve their Dominant and give them this kind of pleasure.Slave Cleaning Dishes 2

This tends to be why Domestic submission is often overlooked or forgotten.  For many there is no sexual arousal from domestic service.  Any form of pleasure from service comes well after the tasks have been completed.  Meaning normally there is no direct connection between the task and any form of positive reinforcement as it is being performed.

This is also what makes Domestic service so beautiful. When a submissive is performing domestic duties they are:

  1. Doing what they can to make their Dominant’s life easier. By cooking and cleaning they know it is one less thing for a Dominant to worry about. Now their Dominant has time to focus on other things.
  2. Serving their Dominant for the sole purpose of pleasing their Dominant.

Sharing Is Caring

Slave Vacuuming 2A Dominant can enjoy the service of a submissive as they cook and clean knowing that the sub is doing it solely to make them happy.  There are no underlying or self-serving motivations.  When a submissive is cleaning the living room or folding the laundry many of the common erotic fantasies tend to be lost.

Now that is not to say that one can not add in some erotic and arousing elements to a sub’s domestic service.  In fact, training while a slave is domestically serving can be lots of fun.

  1. For many domestic slaves, just having their Dominant standing over them with a flogger in hand can be highly arousing.
  2. Putting your impact toys (hand, flogger, paddle, etc) to use while a slave serves can be the extra motivation they need to make that grueling task a pleasure to perform
  3. Instructing a sub on how they should perform the tasks and in what order. Then proceed to monitor, rewarding for a job well done and punishing when a task is not performed correctly
  4. Slave uniforms, collars and leashes can help make a dull mundane task that much more exciting for the Dominant and submissive
  5. A butt plug or kegel ball worn while serving can turn a small sensation into a massive source of arousal as the sub desperately tries to keep their mind on the task at hand
  6. Try enjoying a nice cup of coffee, while you play with the controls of a remote controlled vibrator that is driving your sub wild as they desperately try to work in between uncontrollable contractions of pleasure.
  7. Are your slave’s domestic duties becoming too easy for them? Try restricting the movement of their arms and/or legs. See how easy the task is after that. Always be close by to ensure they are safe at all times, if you choose this option

Training doesn’t just have to stop in the dungeon or during play time. I hope you can also see that it can be a lot of fun and really make a sub’s day that much more exciting and fulfilling.  Domestic service is only as mundane and boring as you and your submissive choose to make it. That doesn’t mean, Domestic Service can not be a beautiful form of service all on its own.

What do you think? Do you enjoy Domestic service or enjoy watching a sub while they perform their Domestic Duties?

Hear one slave’s experience on their typical life as a slave: A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master


Master Bishop

Alpha Dominant With Suit And Tie

By Master Bishop

The founder of the BDSM Training Academy. Master Bishop has been involved in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle for over 20 years. With a love for education both learning and teaching, Master Bishop has passed on his knowledge and experience to others entering into the BDSM lifestyle for over 15 years.

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6 thoughts on “The Forgotten Joy Of Domestic Submission”

  1. Ugh… how boring. “Domestic service is only as mundane and boring as you and your submissive choose to make it” is nonsense and we all know it. No, it’s just boring. These are household chores that EVERYONE has to do. They aren’t unique and special for any relationship or even any individual. You adding a vibrator just makes the sexual play entertaining, not the chores.

    Using his position as dominant to effectively justify using his slave as a maid? Chances are the dominant and submissive will both be working. I can’t think of anything less arousing than dealing with work and then doing all the chores. The point is for the daddy dom to take away stress and make me feel secure and taken care of. The number one clue that he doesn’t give a damn is him seeing to it that I’m taking care of career and then not being able to escape to comfort because I’m doing all the chores and cooking also. Sure, some slaves will be stay-at-home, but that’s not the reality for the vast majority. So whichever daddy doms are following the “advice” in this article just seem lazy and are making it clear that my care and comfort and ability to thrive and relax in his submission aren’t as important as boring, daily chores that everyone has to do and aren’t arousing… and despite your attempts to romanticize them, they haven’t been arousing since they existed. Anyone who believes this article must also believe their subs are too stupid to see that these doms are just trying to get out of chores while she has to deal with the entirety of adult life. No, we see it… and we’re looking for someone else.

    I agree with doing things to make your dom happy and to take things off his mind, but this mindset that daddies are necessarily doing more in the work sphere and shouldn’t be cooking and cleaning is simply not the way of the world. Doms need to evolve with the world also if they want to continue taking care of their subs. If they can’t even acknowledge what the world is, how can I trust them to protect me or comfort me from it?

    1. Hi LiSayo,

      Thank you for your comments, I always appreciate hearing feedback on the articles on the Academy website.

      First, I don’t believe the article stated that the submissive should do all the chores and constantly be serving domestically. The point of the article was reminding people that there are other ways for submissives to serve besides sexual.

      I can tell from your comments that Domestic service is not your cup of tea and there is nothing wrong with that. Your kink is your kink. For you submission is about your “care and comfort and ability to thrive and relax in his submission” You have every right to practice and enjoy your submission the way you want too. One thing W/we must always keep in mind is just because that is your form of submission it does not make another person’s form of submission wrong.

      There are many submissives who only enjoy serving domestically and do not serve in any other way. Just as you want people to respect and support your form of submission, W/we must all respect and support other Dominants and submissives and how they enjoy to live their kinks. There is no one right way to live in a Dom/sub relationship. It is all about individual expression and what W/we can’t do is condemn others because it is different from O/our own.

      I can see this article really upset you, but I would ask you to really look at why this article struck such a negative cord with you. Many times in life W/we don’t see things for how they are, but for how W/we are.

      Again, thank you so much for your comments and sharing your feelings W/we always appreciate hearing such honesty.

  2. It has been my good fortune that a female friend of my wife discovered in conversation that i am a submissive, She owned a holiday home a few miles from us in France and started to text me with instructions on preparing the house whenever She or Her Female Friends were planning a visit.

    The sense of fulfillment from becoming Her domestic slave was profound. Caroline stated that She would not be beating me as it would give me far too much pleasure. my reward would lie in knowing that i had freed Her and Her Friends from mindless domestic chores. She made it clear that the shopping,cleaning,laundering and bed making were important duties. Failure to carry them out properly would result in my status being exposed in public, where vanilla members of the public would clearly overhear my receiving a tongue lashing for my failure.

    i continued as Her domestic for several years until my return to UK. Now, when visiting us, She quietly tells me that the next time i visit Her either in France or UK i will remember that i am still Her slave and will be used accordingly.

    The sense of reward from knowing that i have relieved my Lady Caroline from menial tasks far surpasses memories of sexual pleasure from which,thanks to Her, i am completely cured.

  3. In my last relationship, I enjoyed my chores more when I had a specific list and when he got home he checked and complimented what I did. We aren’t together anymore. I’m with someone very different and better in many ways. We don’t incorporate any daily routine thing into our play and I find I have no enjoyment doing my work. I think I’ll share this article with him.

  4. Everyday, I carry out the daily chores with the mindset that no one said you didn’t have to enjoy yourself as you do those things that normally are very mundane. As a natural Submissive, I have served for many years to my husband, he did go out and work hard and supplied everything that was needed in the household. I was the support service for everything, I made sure that everything is clean and perfect, that the children as they grew up, were looked after and had everything they needed, I always relished the chance to enhance what I was doing for the day in such little ways, It always felt an honour to me that to look after my husband(Dom), it was never a chore for me, some days were harder than others yes but that isn’t saying that it was the chores it just that there was more going on, I always liked to go around the house and straighten up the house just before he was expected to come in, to make sure everything was in it’s place, that the boys were clean and happy and not screaming through the house, that everything was as good as I could get it. I am the one he relies on to keep all of that together, and as my reward for doing a good job, I was rewarded with a less stressed husband, and more play for us.

    Just changing things in simple ways that you know he will like is a reward, making sure the home and everything in and around it is as pleasing as possible, is the biggest reward because you know not only will he like it but also you have done your best to get it all done and make it look so beautiful for all to see. How I act and what I do is a direct expression of who he is and how he is in control, I look forward to ways of excelling to help him be seen in the best light always. What it comes down to for me is. It is an honour to serve this great man.

  5. I personally enjoy working full time and still having the responsibility of cleaning and cooking. I also give over my earnings to him. He gives me access to what I have earned so that I can pay bills and provide for my needs. He can spend the money I earn on himself for his own needs, wants, or even to take another woman out and fuck her. I don’t ask for him to tell me about any of this. He usually does though. It turns me on hearing about how he used the money I earned for him to seduce and fuck another woman. He is allowed relations with whom ever he wants. I am only allowed to be with him and I am to dress in a modest way so as to not encourage attention and never be alone with another male. I enjoy and am turned on by all of this and being responsible for cooking, preparing all of his meals, doing all of the housework and always being available to pleasure him. I am not a stupid woman. I am highly intelligent. Serving is just what arouses me.

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