How to Build Up Pain Tolerance

Pain can be a good thing, as so many BDSM folks already know. Once the pain begins, the endorphins rush into the bloodstream – of both the one inflicting pain and the one receiving it. But when you’re on the business end of the whip, you might want to learn some ways to better prepare your body and your mind for the pain you want to endure. After all, you don’t want to wimp out on your Master or your Mistress, do you? Of course you don’t. Building up pain tolerance is a process you and your Master/Mistress can do together – and here’s how.

Hurts So Good

Let’s talk now about why it’s a good idea to build up your pain tolerance. First of all, when you have a longer pain tolerance, you can have longer session with your Master/Mistress, which is always a good thing. They will be able to do more for/to you without their slave needing a break or needing something to break things up until you can be ready for the pain again. Also, the more pain tolerance you have, the more easily you will be able to slip into subspace, which is never a bad thing – that floaty feeling is something that every slave wants, but needs to be ready their body for.

Every Slave is a Bit Different

But not all slaves are created alike. Though you might consider yourself to be a masochist, that doesn’t mean pain is easy to take. For other slaves, pain is so simple for them that they can’t wait for more. Depending on where you’re at, you might need different strategies for training to take on more pain. A good place to begin is to have the Master/Mistress come up with a target for the number of paddles, lashes, etc. that you should be able to take. Then, they just have to test you to see how close you are to that eventual goal. This way, the Master/Mistress can see just how close they are to getting you to their goal. And you can have a clear idea of how your progress can be measured – and how much more pain you need to learn to take.

Rewards and Punishments

To help encourage the pain process, rewards are always a good way to get a slave ready for more pain – while punishments might help to discourage troubles with taking the pain a Master or Mistress wants the slave to take. Rewards might include orgasms and privileges for particularly good sessions, while punishments might be deprivation of orgasms and stopping the session altogether to help encourage the slave to try harder.

In most cases, pain tolerance can be build up through slow and steady progression. This means that each time the pain is applied during a session, the Master or Mistress might add more and push the slave further than they think they can go. With practice and persistence, the slave will eventually be able to take the pain and then they will be able to take more and more.

In the beginning, however, it might be difficult, so the slave and the Master or Mistress might need to stop to rest for a bit to see if the slave can recover enough to try again during the same session – one of the better training techniques. Pushing as hard as the slave can take will help to not only encourage their bodies to take more pain, but mentally seeing that they can do more than they thought they could will help to enhance their pain tolerance.

No matter how you go about boosting pain tolerance, it should begin with having a goal in mind, then trying to reach that goal slowly and steadily. Just jumping in with the maximum lashes is going to hurt a slave and make them a lot less confident about ever becoming the pain slut a Master or Mistress wants them to become.

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Master Bishop

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3 thoughts on “How to Build Up Pain Tolerance”

  1. I love reading these! Great stuff! Makes me think of my daddy and how much of a natural pain slut I am! Kudos! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Master Bishop; very, very interesting for this slave; specially when explaining about that “pushing as far as possible, will help the slave to not only encourage their bodies to take more pain, but mentally seeing that they can do more than they thought they could will help to enhance their pain tolerance. That’s what this slave needs. Thanks again, Master Bishop.

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