How to Stay Silent Without a Gag

If you’re a good slave, you will do anything in your power to make sure that your Master/Mistress is happy with you. No matter how much you are tested in your training, you need to do as you are told, even if you think that you can not. If you’ve advanced far in your training, your Dom/me may not want to use gags anymore, preferring instead to test how well you can maintain your composure, even during very tough scenes. There are ways you can make sure that you stay quiet during the longest punishments, ensuring your Dom/me remains pleased with you.

The Focus You Have
For those slaves who have Dom/mes who are always barking orders at them, you will want to listen to his voice in order to remain quiet. By telling yourself that you need to hear everything they have to say, you will learn to keep focused only on his voice and on nothing else. In doing so, you will be able to ensure that you are quiet as possible. Even if you are blindfolded and you have no idea what he is doing, you will want to focus on what your ears are hearing during the scene. This will allow you to keep as quiet as possible, even if you think you want to scream. And in time, your focus will only get better and better. You might also want to tune out the world around you, so long as you can still listen to your Master/Mistress when they want you to listen. In doing so, you can begin to keep your mind and your mouth occupied in other ways.

Breathing Out

Whenever you have a harsh paddle or slap on your body, you might feel you need to scream – but truthfully, you do not. Not only will this call attention to the pain, but it can also make each hit hurt more. So, instead of screaming, you need to breathe out each time you are hit. This is going to help you begin to change the way your body responds to pain, releasing all of the tension from your body which might be making the pain even more intense. Much like in childbirth, by breathing heavy and breathing out with pain, you will begin to take control of how you feel, helping you to maintain your composure during a tough scene.

Keep Your Mouth Closed

Some slaves can pretend as though they have a gag still on their mouth, pushing their lips together to keep their silence. You can practice this during any scene, opening your mouth only when your Master/Mistress asks you to speak. This is going to be a little more difficult, but for those who are just being ‘weaned’ off the gags, it can help you to feel as though you can control the noises you make. Push your lips together, keep your tongue on the top of your mouth, and continue to breathe through your nose only. This combination makes keeping quiet quite simple to do.

When you’re a slave who wants to show their Dom/me they can be quiet, even if they think they can’t, then you need to learn one or more of these techniques. While it might not be easy at first to ignore the pain, in time, you will train yourself to be quiet and still. This will please your Master/Mistress and it will show them that you are focused completely on what THEY want, not on what you want.


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Master Bishop

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  1. I asked about telling one Mistress that I had begun a relationship with another. You didn’t answer and I value your advice. Pepe

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