How To Set The Mood

Whether you’re a submissive or a Dominant, the mood of the scene
you will be in matters. How you take the time to setup your scene
and how much thought you put into creating just the right mood for
that particular session will help to enhance your time together.
There are many simple ways to create the sort of scene you want –
dark, romantic, sensual, intense, etc. All you need to do is to
keep in mind the different senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, and
taste. Try to involve as many of these as possible and you will be
sure to make tonight’s session the best ever.

Choose the Best Location

The best scenes use the best locations. Even if you’re simply
using your everyday bedroom, choosing a place where you can feel
safe and sensual is the best starting point. This room should also
be private and it should be somewhere you can move around easily,
as needed. Some people prefer to take their subs to clubs if they
want to practice humiliation techniques and control techniques.
Others prefer the privacy of their own homes when no one else is
around to let the energy build as much as they can. Find a place
where you and your partner can be comfortable and then you can
begin to further create the mood.

Lighting and Music Ideas

It’s almost become clichéd that BDSM scenes have hard gothic rock
music or something that’s more of a New Age tone. These songs tend
to be quite intense, which mirrors the energy of the scene. Look
for music that has the tempo you feel will be created in the course
of the scene – some favorites are Enigma, Portishead, Type O
Negative, Tool, etc.

For lighting, you need to keep in mind that there should be enough
light to see what you’re doing and experiencing, but not so much
light that it seems too bright. But again, different scenes call
for different lighting needs. The soft glow of candlelight can be
perfect for a more romantic mood, while brighter lights and
spotlights might work well for role playing scenes.

Upping the Anticipation

In addition to setting the mood before the scene by laying out the
potential toys and devices beforehand, you can also help a sub
really get into the mood by using these techniques:


When you use blindfolds, you can cause the sub to not
know exactly what’s going on, which can heighten their
anticipation. They can hear everything that’s happening, but they
don’t know exactly what to expect or when to expect it.

Letting the sub see what’s there

As mentioned before, laying out the different sex toys and paddles
(for example) you might use during a scene can make a sub wonder
what exactly might happen during the session. Even more powerful
for building the mood? Give the sub a list of things to lay out for
them to use and then ask them to clean them as needed as well.
This will make the sub’s mind race and will cause them to be ready
to serve when the scene starts.

Binding the sub and then slowly building the scene

If blindfolds aren’t as effective in your relationship, using
bondage can often help to keep the sub from moving around or away
from what you intend to do to them. To learn how to create intense
bondage scenes go to ===> Rope Bondage Tutorial

Other ways to enhance the mood of a scene is to light incense,
include foods and other sensory items like ice, wax, etc. You
might also want to include certain words and phrases that might
help to set the mood for the sub as well as get you into the
mindset as the Dominant.


To learn more tips and ideas on how to incorporate bdsm training
into your life visit ===> BDSM Training Tutorial


For step by step bondage lessons go to ===> Rope Bondage Techniques


Master Bishop
& Mistress Sophia

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