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Why Subs Should Bring Their Own Toys

A submissive often walks into the dungeon, gets into position, and then waits for whatever will happen to happen. They don’t worry about the toys that are being used or what they need to think about – the Master or Mistress will take care of the details. A sub must take their own health and safety into their own hands, to do this it’s best …

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How To Be A Good Sub When You Are Sick

Chances are high that at some point of slave training, you will become sick. And when you’re sick, you might not have the ability to call ‘off’ from your slave duties. In order to make sure you are still being a good slave and doing what your Master wants you to do, here are some ways to handle the inevitable scene where you’re the victim …

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Office Role Play Scene

Sometimes, a little role playing can help to make a BDSM scene not only hotter than it might have been before, but also a bit more fun for everyone involved. It’s just fun to pretend you’re someone else and for the slave or the Master or Mistress, sometimes getting into a role can help to enhance the overall training experience. In the office scene, you …

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Creating BDSM Tension

When you’re having sex with another person, all of the right moves do not necessarily add up to a good time. This is especially the case with BDSM. If you already know what’s going to happen or you simply don’t feel like things are exciting, you’re going to have troubles enjoying your time with your partner. In order to make your sexual escapade a bit …

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BDSM Mummification Ideas

Restriction is something that most slaves crave. They want to be bundled up as tightly as possible so that they are completely helpless, completely subdued. Many a slave has tried to mummify themselves when they were alone, longing for complete encasement, but never able to find it in a safe way. Masters and Mistresses can use the concept of mummification to help their slaves finally …

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How to Know When You’re Ready for Public Scenes

Taking your BDSM out into the world isn’t something that’s for everyone. Some people prefer to keep their proclivities in private, enjoying these relationships in their own homes. But if you’re looking for a little more excitement or you’re just curious to see what the public BDSM scene is like, you might want to step outside of your home or apartment to find out how …

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Female Slave Training Program

Experience the sensations and challenges of submissive training for yourself. Listen to what submissive e had to say about the female training program: “It has been an honor to be trained and guided by you in my submission. Not only did I learn so much from your teachings, but I have never been so excited in my life. Your ability to understand a submissive’s mind …

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