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Many people, whether they are Dominant or submissive always want to try anal sex as one of their first experiences when delving into kink. For most people their first encounter to anal sex is not an overly fond memory. This is because the anus is a very delicate and extremely sensitive area, any wrong move can cause pain or harm to the submissive. While many Dominants enjoy giving pain, the kind of pain a submissive receives from improper anal training is not the type of pain any submissive should ever experience. Anal training should not hurt and should be enjoyable for both partners.

Before you jump into training your submissive anally or you receive anal training from your Dominant, you must first learn the safe, sane and most effective way to perform any type of anal play. I know as a Dominant you may feel that all your sub’s holes belong to you, to be used when you want. If all you can do is hurt your submissive and cause unpleasant experiences from anal training, it won’t take a submissive long before they will not be able to perform any anal tasks. That’s right, you can permanently injure your submissive, if you don’t know what you are doing!

Submissive females, anal training is not something you should take lightly. Never allow any Dominant who has not taken the time to educate themselves about anal training to test things on you. Do you really want to be the guinea pig for your Dominant to test things on?

Also, don’t just assume that a Dominant is going to teach you what you must know on how to receive anally. If you want to even begin thinking about starting anal training with your Dominant, you must first learn how to receive properly. This way anal training can be something you look forward to, instead of something you beg your Dominant not to do and leaves you in constant pain after wards.

This is why W/we just created the anal training video. A video specifically created to help Dominants and submissives to understand exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it to be able to make anal training the mind blowing experience it is meant to be.

Dominants: Learn how to get your submissive begging to serve you anally ===> Must Know Anal Techniques For Dominants

submissives: Discover how to make anal training one of the most intense and enjoyable experiences you will ever have ===> Submissive Female Anal Training


Master Bishop


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