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BDSM Without Sex

For some, the whole point of bondage, spanking and other BDSM activities is to lead up to an inevitable sex scene which is more enjoyable because of all of the adrenaline which has been built up through punishments and pain. But for others, just the play, Domination and submission that goes along with BDSM is all they want. Some people who live a kinky life …

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Working with an Inexperienced Master

Maybe you’ve just gotten back to the BDSM world and you’re trying to find a new Master to serve. You’ve looked around BDSM dating sites and you’ve been talking to a guy who is more than willing to dominate you. It’s exciting. It’s refreshing. And you are ready to submit completely to this man. But when you finally meet up in person, you realize that …

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Pregnancy and BDSM

People from all walks of life enjoy BDSM. Some might enjoy some role playing with BDSM themes, while others live a life of 24/7 BDSM. No matter what you might practice, life has obstacles which may change the way you can approach your sex life. Pregnancy, for example, is something which can be a blessed event, and one that does not need to impede your …

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The BDSM Slave Training 5th Edition

I just wanted to let everybody know about the release of the 5th edition of the bdsm slave training program. W/we at the bdsm training academy are always working on improving everything W/we do and the bdsm slave training program is no different. W/we have just added even more expanded and detailed content with specific examples to aid in your bdsm experiences to this already …

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Turning Your Closet into a Dungeon

Most BDSM couples just don’t have the space to add in a dungeon or they’re living in an apartment without another level. Though this might seem like you are limited in the way that you can enjoy your darker desires, this isn’t completely true. When you are limited in the space you have, you simply need to be more creative with using the area around …

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Trust and BDSM

Trust is something that’s discussed frequently in traditional relationships, but this is something that’s even more important when it comes to BDSM. Trust is what BDSM is based on – and without a sense of trust, a relationship can fall apart quickly and in a destructive way. In order to make the most of your BDSM relationship, whether you’re the Dominant or the submissive, you …

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Becoming a Graceful Slave

Gracefulness is one thing that comes to mind when watching a well-trained slave. They move easily from one position to the next and they seem to always be aware, not only of themselves, but also of the needs of their Master. So are some slaves just inherently better than others? Not exactly. Some slaves are simply working harder at becoming graceful than others. By practicing …

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Online Female Submissive Experiences

Here Are Just A Few Comments From Submissives That Have Experienced Master Bishop’s Online Female Submissive Training ================================================================================= You Have Shown That You Know What This Trainee Needs Even Better Than She Does Trainer, This trainee is very grateful for all the time and effort You have put into her training. Before training, this trainee may have only thought about submission occasionally throughout her life, …

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